“Whether hearing him speak publicly, reading his blog or in personal conversation, I enjoy Dr. Rus’ perspective and thoughts. They are always timely, encouraging and constructive.
– Aaron Buchholz – Christian Musician

“Rus doesn’t put himself into a box. Yes, he’s an ordained minister. Evangelical at that. But he’s not closed minded (as are some in the religious community). Rather, he is quite a worldly person. This open mindedness makes him an excellent Christian broadcaster. Yet, he has a passion for the movies as well. But with a twist. He helps families concerned about content find films that are family-friendly. Then he reviews the films. I’ve found Dr. Rus to be an asset when I was at CNN Radio and I find him an asset now as we continue to work together”.
– Gary Baumgarten
Director of News and Programming at Paltalk
Shift editor at Fox News Radio
Reporter at 1010 WINS

“Dr. Rus is a terrific interviewer and always digs in deeply to get the best information out to his listeners. I’m a big fan of Dr. Rus, and always look forward to being on his show.”
– Pat Williams, Senior Vice President Orlando Magic

“Dr. Rus is the best damn doctor that I have spoken to in years.”
– David Lander (a.k.a. Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley)

“There’s nobody I’d rather talk movies with than Dr. Rus!”
– Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of Batman

“Dr. Rus may be ‘family friendly’, but he’s also quite ‘laugh-friendly’ in our opinion! We thoroughly enjoyed our interview and really appreciate all he’s working to accomplish!!”
– elena & elizabeth
ee publishing & productions, inc., the laugh-friendly companyTM

“You are the best radio host East of the Miss! All of our guests love you. Thanks for being #1.”
– Rick Frishman, Planned TV Arts

“Dr. Rus is one of the best radio hosts in the country. He cuts to the heart of the matter and gives his listeners the most information in the shortest time. His common-sense views are inspiring. I am always honored to be on his program. America needs Dr. Rus.”
– Bill Federer, Historian & 2004 Congressional Candidate

“I always look forward to my appearances on Dr. Rus’ radio show. Whether the topic is Rock Stars and Airplane Crashes or the history of Alvin and the Chipmonks, Dr. Rus is always supremely knowledgeable and entertaining.”
– Rich Everitt, Author of “Falling Stars: Air Crashes that Filled Rock & Roll Heaven”

“Personable, genuine, and fun, Dr. Rus always brings something special to our conversations. It is always a pleasure to go on air with him. Plus the man really knows his movies!”
– Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., RCC, CBC
Founder, Advantage Coaching & Training

“You are a great interviewer who cares about his listeners and the affect he can make on their lives. You are a blessing to them and I hope they appreciate you. There should be a lot more people like you in all forms of media.”
– Michael Russ, Powerful Living

“Dr Rus is an outstanding individual! Honest, upstanding, always hospitable and honest about what guests are right for his listeners. When he says a guest isn’t right for his listeners you know he isn’t playing games! His feedback on guests he has interviewed is invaluable and much appreciated by those of us whose business it is to schedule interviews with radio shows. A BIG thanks to Dr. Rus Jeffrey on behalf of ALL PR reps that call him!”
– Rich Ghazarian, Senior Campaign Manager
News & Experts

“Dr. Rus is the BEST radio host and interviewer I have ever experienced. Not only did he read my book, The Diet, but he coined one of the most creative descriptions of it, yet… Thank you for your graciousness, your enthusiasm and above all your creative energy. God bless.”
– Edita Kaye, Author, The Diet

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