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Day 12: Sipping Sunday Coffee

Sipping Sunday Coffee – January 23, 2011

Day 12 - Sipping Sunday Coffee

Of course General Sarge Uses An Army Mug

Sunday morning arrived and it was not a usual one. Sunday mornings we usually head off to church. However, today Sandra had to work at 9:00am. That too was unusual as when it is her Sunday to work she works at 2:00pm so we can still make church. But this weekend her boss was away so she was covering for her.

With Sandra off to work and our middle son away with his car, that meant no wheels for me as I do not drive my Mustang in the winter and it’s very slippery and snowy out today. So, General Sarge and I stayed home and we enjoyed sipping Sunday coffee together.

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

One thought on “Day 12: Sipping Sunday Coffee

  1. Well, we’ll just have to make sure General Sarge is enjoying a cup of either Devil Dog Brew or Sniper’s Brew next time! I love the blog, it’s good to know General Sarge is hard at work! With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

    p.s. We’ll keep Ben in our prayers.

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