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Day 22: Playing In The Snow

Playing In The Snow – February 2, 2011

Day 22 - Playing In The Snow

Big Boots To Fill

Today was a snow day. Well, I had to work, but many schools were closed because of the snow. We didn’t get all that was forecast, but we did get quite a bit. Apparently General Sarge likes to play in the snow. Funny thing is, I always thought bears liked to hibernate in the winter. I guess Ben has trained General Sarge to like the winter.

When I arrived home this afternoon General Sarge was bound and bent that he wanted to go out and play in the snow! He does have a pair of proper Army boots, but right now, I can only find one. I’m sure the second is in Ben’s room somewhere. Not to be deterred, General Sarge decided to try out Ben’s boots in the snow. Personally, I think they’re a little big. But, he was thrilled to get into the snow, even if it was just for a short time.

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    1. Yes, I take all the General Sarge pics. It’s really a lot of fun and this site has really taken off too. Thanks for subscribing!

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