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Day 36: Revving Stella’s Engine

Revving Stella’s Engine – February 16, 2011

Day 36 - Revving Stella's Engine

I’ve written about my 1998 Mustang GT before here. Apparently General Sarge likes Stella just as much as Ben does! Since Stella is a GT she does not get driven in the winter for a number of reasons. Obviously I don’t want to get the salt and other winter road junk on her. Secondly, since she’s a Mustang GT, she’s rather light and simply does not handle well in the winter.

But, I do walk by her every day and every couple of weeks I fire her up just to make sure the battery is good and fluids keep flowing through her. Today was the day to start up Stella and rev her up some. General Sarge grabbed the keys and beat me to the drivers seat! All is well, Stella started fine and General Sarge had fun revving up the engine.

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