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Day 41: A Week At The Radio Station – Monday

A Week At The Radio Station
Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 41 - A Week At The Radio Station - Monday

Time for an interview!

Ben was the last of our three boys to work at the radio station. When he left for basic I joked with the station manager that he was now going to have to hire someone NOT named Jeffrey since we we’re out of boys at home. (And we have no plans for anymore either).

Ben, just like all the other boys, did a number of things at the radio station. So, it’s no surprise that General Sarge wants to hang out at the radio station for at least one week too. Today we were ready for an in-studio guest, Michele Ladd with Homes for Heroes. Michele was actually all set to come into the radio station for the interview. But, like many people these days, she came down with some kind of a flu bug over the weekend. General Sarge was very quick to jump into her place and get in front of the microphone. Of course those sewn up lips can make it difficult to talk.

Homes For Heroes

While Michele didn’t make it into the radio station, we did have a great interview over the phone. She’s also promised to come out later this week for a quick photo shoot with General Sarge too. Michele is a Realtor who is part of Homes for Heroes. It’s a great organization offering “real discounts for real heroes”. Her, along with others in Michele’s office, give 25% of their commission on home purchases for heroes, right back to the hero buying the home. If you want to find out more about Michele and her Homes for Heroes program make sure you visit her website…

Homes for Heroes – Michele Ladd – Click Here!

I was hoping to actually have a copy of the interview that you could listen to right here. But, as happens from time to time in radio, we had some glitches this morning and the interview did not get recorded. Hopefully next time.

See larger picture on Flickr – Click Here!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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