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Day 46: Call of Duty Tournament

Call of Duty Tournament – February 26, 2011

Day 46 - Call of Duty

Call of Duty Tournament At Newark, NY Recruiting Station

General Sarge was invited out for a special appearance at the Newark, New York Army Recruiting Station this weekend! Of course he loves to hang out with his Army buddies! This is also the station that both Ben and Ryan were recruited in so we were more than happy to show up for the tournament. The weather took a turn dumping a lot of snow on our area, but as you can see, a lot of people still showed up for the tournament! We gathered them all together and there’s General Sarge right in the middle of the group for the picture too.

The recruiters had a great set up for the tournament!

Day 46 - Call of Duty - Watching Future Soldiers Play

I think General Sarge is giving the future soldiers directions on how to play the game here!

Preparing For Basic

On a personal note and I know this is something all parents will relate to who have children in the military, the recruiting center plays a key role in preparing not only the future soldier, but also the parents. Both Sandra and I are thrilled with all the support we received and continue to receive from SSG Dillman and the others at the Newark Army Recruiting Station. They’ve been there to answer questions and SSG Dillman even came over to our place on Thanksgiving weekend this past November to meet my parents and answer any questions they had about what Ben and Ryan were doing.

Day 46 - Call of Duty - SSG Dillman

General Sarge Gives a big ‘Two Paws Up’ to SSG Dillman

It is a big transition, not only for the future solder, but also for the parents and families. We have nothing but praise to give to the recruiters of the Newark, New York Army Recruiting Center.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement guys!

Speaking of future soldiers – General Sarge was a little confused on this whole Call of Duty – Black Ops video game. But that didn’t stop him from trying! Here’s a picture of one of the future soldiers giving General Sarge a few lessons on how to play.

Day 46 - Call of Duty - Playing The Game

We had a great time at the tournament
and thanks for inviting us!

See larger pictures on Flickr here…

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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