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Day 50 – Ben Called!

Ben Called – March 2, 2011

Day 50 - Ben Called

Be sure to take note there is a picture of Ben superimposed in the top right hand corner of this picture too.

It was a pretty big day in the Jeffrey Household. Not only did we receive mail from Ben, but he called too! Woo hoo! For military families reading this post you know how treasured mail is. But, you also know how treasured a phone call is from a family member servicing in the military. You really have no idea when the call might come. So, these days we pretty much keep our cell phones with us at all times.

A couple weeks ago we missed a call from Ben as we were out. The real bummer was we missed the call by just five minutes! We went out and when we returned home we found a message on the answering machine. It was just a bummer missing the call. At the time Ben couldn’t call us on his cell phone because he didn’t know our numbers. You see he hasn’t had his cell phone for quite some time so he’s been using a pay phone. With that in mind, in the wonderful world of speed dial, our numbers were on his cell phone so he does not have them memorized.

But this time he called on his own cell phone!

Navigational Training

His whole platoon got their cell phones back last night. Today’s training exercises involved navigational training. Ben said the Drill Sgt. gave them their phones back so if they get lost, they call for help. Of course Ben quickly said – “I hope I don’t get lost!” – But, since he was on his own cell phone it meant we could talk for quite some time. Of course from the picture for today, you can see General Sarge got involved in the phone conversation too.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, since he had his own cell phone, Ben was also able to take a picture of himself and send it to us. It seemed only appropriate to superimpose the picture into today’s picture of General Sarge.

See Large Picture on Flickr – Click Here!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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