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Day 52 – Survival Training

Survival Training – March 4, 2011

Day 52 - Survival Training

General Sarge heard us talking the other day about Ben taking part in navigational training. The first day of his training was a long one. It involved not only wandering through the wilderness, but it also lasted until 11:00pm! Ben said he kept his ears open for anything that rattled as they were told there are rattle snakes in the area they were navigating in. He didn’t hear any rattles, nor did he see any other wildlife he didn’t want to see.

Apparently since Ben had to spend some time outside roughing it, General Sarge decided he needed to spend time outside too. As you can see he’s all ready with his tent, flags, water bottle and Army Strong notebook.

If you look real close, he even has a sleeping bag inside his tent!

Better General Sarge Than Me

While the temperature outside right now says 41 on my thermometer, it’s still going to be right around the freezing mark tonight. I told General Sarge that in Georgia where Ben is, it’s much warmer. After the picture, General Sarge decided we would break camp and he would sleep inside instead.

Speaking of Ben, when he had his phone for a few days he sent us a few pictures. He’s especially proud of this one….

Ben in what's called 'Full Battle Rattle'.

Full ‘Battle Rattle’

He said this is what they call “Full Battle Rattle”. I asked Ben if he had to wear all of that when they were doing the navigational training. He said – “No, thank goodness! All this gear is really heavy!”

See bigger pictures on Flickr…

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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2 thoughts on “Day 52 – Survival Training

  1. As I read the blog I was hoping that General Sarge would chose to come in as it would be too cold for him for sure, he might go into hibernation!! I bet General Sarge remembers when Ben was just a lad and built his tent between two chairs, perhaps that will make him feel like he is under the stars. Of course you could put some seeds in an envelope and shake them real quick to give General Sarge a bit of a startle..

    1. Yes indeed Ben did make a tent between two chairs very often when he first got General Sarge. We also printed this post off for Ben to mail to him. He does not know we got General Sarge a new tent. It is also a good thing General Sarge decided to come in because now it’s raining outside too!

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