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Day 55 – Cleaning Snow

Cleaning Snow – March 7, 2011

Day 55 - Cleaning Snow

What a wild weather weekend we had! It warmed up Friday, rained pretty much all day Saturday but then snowed Saturday night and Sunday. I took Samson for a walk Sunday night around 6:00 and thought about cleaning off the car, but changed my mind and went to bed instead. Big mistake. When I went out this morning at 3:30am I found ice underneath the snow. So, it took me a while to clean the car off.

As you can see, I didn’t get the entire car cleaned off. Now usually I would send Ben out to clean off the car. I figure he’s younger and has an easier time reaching the roof of the car making sure all the snow is off. But, of course he’s not around! So, General Sarge decided to help clean the roof of the car off. He jumped right up there with the brush in hand and did a great job.

Special Thanks To Devil Dog Brew!

On another quick note, I’d like to say a special thanks to Retired Major Hank Salmans from Devil Dog Brew. I have of course mentioned Devil Dog Brew a number of times in the past. Today I want to say a special thank you for making Ben the Devil Dog Brew Service Member of the Week. It’s an honor to have Ben listed with other brave men and women on the Devil Dog Brew site.

Devil Dog Brew – PVT Benjamin Jeffrey
Service Member of the Week
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See larger picture on Flickr – Click Here!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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4 thoughts on “Day 55 – Cleaning Snow

  1. Look at him going to town cleaning that car, I bet he is looking forward to spring and also to going to visit Ben at Fort Benning.

  2. Seems like you had the same whether as us. It was crazy, DH said it wasn’t worth shoveling the snow, when we went to bed, then we got up and he had to shovel, it was so much.

    What an honor to have them pick Ben as the Service Member of the week!

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