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Day 56 – New Mode of Transportation

New Mode of Transportation – March 8, 2011

Day 56 - New Mode of Transportation

General Sarge Gets A Travel Upgrade!

It’s hard to believe we’re at Day 56 of these daily General Sarge pictures Chronicling the life of PVT Ben’s Build-A-Bear as Ben is away at Fort Benning for Basic Training. I have to admit, General Sarge has also taken on a life beyond my wildest imagination. The many people who follow him on Twitter @GeneralSarge and are also fans of his on his FaceBook Fan Page is amazing. I also can’t forget those who subscribe to this site via email or a News Reader who get the daily updates too. Last, but certainly not least, I have to thank all my friends on Twitter who retweet these daily posts and those who use some of his daily posts in their Daily Twitter Papers too.

General Sarge also wants to give a special Army shout out to Molly from Build-A-Bear too! As General Sarge always says – Two Paws Up! – Molly first found me on Twitter through her account @BuildABear and now, thanks to Molly, General Sarge will have something very special happen again real soon too!

The support for what our son’s are doing as they serve in the Army is wonderful and humbling.

A special thanks to each one of you from both Sandra and I.

Now, with all of that said, lets get on with the picture for today. As you can see, General Sarge has a new mode of transportation!

SSG Dillman Gives General Sarge An Upgrade

If you’ve been following the daily posts, you know SSG Dillman was Ben’s recruiter from the Newark, New York Army Recruiting Station. He’s been supportive, as have all of the recruiters at the station. SSG Dillman has also shown a great interest in General Sarge too. Last week when we attended the Call of Duty Tournament SSG Dillman noticed the bag we were using to carry General Sarge around in….

Day 56 - Previous Travel Bag

The Earlier Mode of Transportation

SSG Dillman quickly said – “It’s time to upgrade the General’s mode of transportation”. – That is the main picture for today. He’s moved from a small duffel bag, to a full size Army backpack. General Sarge loves his new mode of transportation and a special thanks to SSG Dillman too.

See larger pictures on Flickr…

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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2 thoughts on “Day 56 – New Mode of Transportation

  1. How exciting, now he will be traveling in style and can also peak out and see all that goes on in the world when on the move. I love the the @GeneralSarge chronicles and look forward to each day’s post.

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