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Day 58 – General Sarge Store Officially Opened!

General Sarge Store Officially Opens
March 10, 2011

Day 58 - General Sarge Store - Families First Campaign

The Family First Campaign

This is a big day in the life of General Sarge! We’ve been making plans behind the scenes for a while now and today I’m pleased to announce that the General Sarge Store is officially opened!

Visit The General Sarge Store – Click Here!

At this point we have two products in the store, but do plan to add more in the days ahead. The one product we’re really excited about is the main General Sarge picture for today.

The General Sarge Families First Campaign

This product contains a variety pack of five 1.5 oz Devil Dog Brew flavored coffee PLUS an autographed 4×6 General Sarge picture. I’d like to say thanks to Major Hank Salmans from Devil Dog Brew for his support in all we’re doing with General Sarge. The total proceeds from the sale of the Families First Campaign coffee pack go to help off-set expenses for military families to attend the graduations of their “Future Heroes/Soldiers”.

Please note, at this point in time we are only shipping the Coffee Post Card Pack within the United States.

Please visit the store and support a family by buying one (or more) of these great coffee travel packs!

Framed 4×6 Autographed General Sarge Picture

Day 58 - General Sarge Store - Autographed Picture

The second product in the store right now is a framed 4×6 General Sarge autographed picture! Of course General Sarge loved signing these cards as he used both paws to hold the pen steady.

Framed Autographed 4×6 General Sarge Picture

As for Framed Autographed General Sarge pictures, the shipping cost is only for the United States. However, if you would like to purchase one of the autographed pictures separately and have it shipped outside the United States, please use the Contact form in the General Sarge store and tell me where you want it sent to. I will then check shipping costs and let you know how much it would cost to send the picture to your location.

Once again, exciting things are happening with General Sarge and I’d like to say thanks to everyone for all your support!

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

3 thoughts on “Day 58 – General Sarge Store Officially Opened!

  1. This is so exciting and I am happy to support your cause. The “Family First” campaign is very important to the solders that work so hard in these first stages of training. Making a way for families to celebrating the success of the their children and showing their support is critical to the future successes of these “future heroes.”

    1. Hey Janet;

      Thanks so much for your understanding and support of the “Family First Campaign”. It’s because of what you said and know about the importance of getting to graduation that 100% of the proceeds from the “Family First Campaign” will go to helping military families off-set travel costs.

      Thanks again for your support.

      Dr. Rus

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