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Day 60 – General Sarge & His Brother Master Sarge!

General Sarge & His Brother Master Sarge!
March 12, 2011

Day 60 - General Sarge and Master Sarge

General Sarge Has A New Brother!

As you probably remember from yesterday, General Sarge was quite excited about going to Build-A-Bear to use his gift card from Molly, the Digital Community Marketing Bear, at Build-A-Bear.

Two Paws Up To Molly & Build-A-Bear

Before I go any further both Sandra and I want to express our appreciation for Molly and all the fine people at Build-A-Bear. Since Molly found me on Twitter via her account @BuildABear her, along with the others at Build-A-Bear have been so supportive of not only what we’re doing with General Sarge, but of us too.

After corresponding via email with Molly on a number of occasions, I called her a couple weeks ago to say hello so we could connect a voice behind the emails and tweets. It was right after Ryan shipped out for his Basic Training at Fort Jackson. The first thing Molly asked was – “How is Ryan doing?” – I must admit, that brought a tear to my eye. The support is amazing as we transition through these days.

As we chatted some more Molly asked if Ryan had a Build-A-Bear. I told her no. Her immediate response – “I’ll have to fix you up then so General Sarge can have a brother”. We spoke with Ryan that night and told him about it and he was so happy too! Ryan named his bear “Master Sarge”.

Now General Sarge has a brother, Master Sarge, and he’s very happy to introduce him to everyone here today!

Day 60 - Picking Out A Sibling

General Sarge Picks Out His Brother

We hope you enjoy this post with the pics of the birth of Master Sarge at the Eastview Mall, Victor, New York Build-A-Bear Store

Master Sarge Is Born!

Day 60 - Stuffing My New Brother

The first thing that happens after you pick out your bear, you take him to the “stuffing” station. It’s here your new bear friend begins to come to life! They even let General Sarge step on the peddle to put some stuffing in his brother!

Day 60 - My Brother Is Growing Up

As General Sarge stepped on the pedal, his brother comes to life with the great Build-A-Bear stuffing inside of him. Look at that! He’s growing already! After being filled with stuffing the next two steps in the process are very important.

First you pick out a heart for your new furry friend! Here’s General Sarge looking for the perfect heart for his new brother.

Day 60 - Picking Out My Brothers Heart

After you pick out the heart, it’s very important to give it a kiss before the store Bear Specialist places it inside your new furry friend brining him to life!

Day 60 - A Kiss of Love To Start His Heart

After the heart is in…it’s time to meet your new friend!

Day 60 - General Sarge and His New Brother

I’m pretty sure at this point General Sarge was telling his brother “Welcome to the family and always remember, I’m older and I out rank you”. Don’t they look cute together?

After picking out his Army uniform and getting him all dressed, Sarah, the Bear Specialist who helped bring Master Sarge to life, was more than happy to pose for a special picture of this day when General Sarge’s Build-A-Bear brother was born, Master Sarge.

Day 60 - General Sarge and Master Sarge with Sarah

You cant’ see it as Sarah is hugging both General Sarge and Master Sarge, but General Sarge made a special presentation to Sarah. He gave her a new Army pin.

It’s with great pleasure that General Sarge, who is Private Ben Jeffrey’s Build-A-Bear, introduces you to his brother, Master Sarge, who is Private Ryan Jeffrey’s bear who is serving in the Army too.

Day 60 - Master Sarge

Master Sarge – Born on March 11, 2011

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

8 thoughts on “Day 60 – General Sarge & His Brother Master Sarge!

  1. Happy Birthday! March 11th is my sister’s birthday too, and she says it’s a great day! I hope he let’s you sleep! Most newborns aren’t so good at that 😛

  2. Oh how wonderful, now we can experience the travels of both bears are their journey is chronicled on GeneralSarge.com. I am looking so forward to the adventures and a big thank you goes out, from all your followers, to Molly and all the fine people at Build-A-Bear for all their thought and consideration.

    1. Hey! It’s my good buddy Slappy Bear! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for wishing my brother Master Sarge a Happy Birthday! I did go easy on him yesterday since it was his birthday. But look out for next week! I out rank him and he’ll be working hard for me! Two paws up!

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