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Day 61 – Visiting The Gang Girls

Visiting The Gang Girls – March 13, 2011

Day 61 - Visiting The Gang Girls
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

General Sarge always loves to go visiting! Today we decided to stop in on our good friends the Gangs. They have four daughters, as you can see here. Katherine is the oldest and then there’s the triplets! It turns out they had just returned from a trip to Build-A-Bear themselves! While trying to get them to pose for the picture was somewhat of a challenge, you can see everyone is having a wonderful time.

If you look real close, you’ll even notice that Katherine’s Sparky Build-A-Bear

Of course Katherine and the triplets enjoyed not only seeing General Sarge, but also meeting Master Sarge for the first time too. I think they may have even tried to get a birthday cake for a celebration too.

See larger picture on Flickr – Click Here!

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