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Day 62 – In Formation

In Formation – March 14, 2011

Day 62 - In Formation
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today General Sarge has called some of his troops to formation.

Of course General Sarge had to be front and center. There’s Master Sarge to his right and on his left, one of the latest editions to the General Sarge troop, Private Sparky.

You may remember PVT Sparky from yesterday. He belongs to Katherine who we visited yesterday. General Sarge did have a great time visiting with the Gangs and he was thrilled to discover another Build-A-Bear all dressed up in Army fatigues. It was also nice of Katherine to let us use PVT Sparky for another picture today!

Keeping Up With What The Boys Are Doing

I’m guessing General Sarge decided he needed to start calling his troops to formation as he heard us talking about both PVT Ben and PVT Ryan having to fall into formation every morning around 5:00am for physical training. I’m not sure if General Sarge had his troops up at 5:00am, but it does look like PVT Sparky is having a hard time staying awake. It would appear he seems to be sitting down in formation here.

I have a feeling that might not bode well in the days ahead.

The funny thing is, when Ben left for Basic Training he just barely make it in on his weight limit. But, now that he’s been working out every day he wrote us a letter saying he needed us to send him his belt because his pants are too loose! As for Ryan, time will tell how he does. He didn’t have as much time to prepare for daily PT. I’m sure he’s having a hard time getting into the groove of things.

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Dr. Rus

One thought on “Day 62 – In Formation

  1. Now that General Sarge’s platoon is growing, nice job on the formation, does that mean that he will be drilling them as well. Waking up at 5am to get their physical fitness in will certainly do the trick in keeping them awake. It almost looks as if Master Sarge is caught “mid Salute” towards General Sarge, apparently he has them trained well.

    Great news that Ben has met his weight limit and it sounds that his training has also helped him really get into tip top shape!!

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