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Day 67 – SPC Bonzo – Give Me 25 Soldier

SPC Bonzo – Give Me 25 Soldier!
March 19, 2011

Day 67 - SPC Bonzo - Give Me 25 Soldier
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Some of you may remember SPC Tracy Bonzo and her friend Buddy from a few weeks ago. Actually, wow, it was back on Day 48: Meeting New Friends that we first met SPC Bonzo. Tracy is a Reservist who is also attached to the same unit Ryan is in Webster, NY. It’s always great to get together with other soldiers. Especially when there’s a connection with Ryan since they’re both from the same base! It makes the connection even a little more special.

All week Tracy has been laughing at the pictures of PVT. Sparky and Master Sarge doing push ups. Then, she decided to start picking on me via Twitter. At that point General Sarge decided he would jump in and protect me. After all, General Sarge does realize he needs to stick up for me, and he also outranks SPC Bonzo.

That’s when General Sarge and I came up with a plan. We decided to invite Tracy out for dinner!

Encouraging Conversation!

First off, it’s worth noting that General Sarge did have special plans for the push ups by SPC Bonzo. Not only did he tell her to “Drop and give him 25!” But he also jumped onto her back and then invited Master Sarge and PVT Buddy to join him! That made the push ups even more challenging. But, as you can see, she did fine and even followed through on the push ups.

Tracy, you said you have a PT test coming up soon. General Sarge said he will write you a letter of commendation for the push ups you did for him.

As noted before in earlier entries, having kids join the Army is a challenge in many ways. One of the biggest challenges is the unknown when it comes to lack of communication. While at Basic Training timetables are very tight and days are very full as there’s much to do and learn during the training period. I have to admit it’s very encouraging to talk with others who’ve been through it before. Chatting with Tracy was even more encouraging since she did her Basic Training at Fort Jackson which is the same place Ryan is. As we asked questions, Tracy gladly answered and we now have better insight to just what Ryan is doing at Fort Jackson.

All in all, even though General Sarge was a little tough on her, we enjoyed our evening with Tracy and were very encouraged. Thanks for coming out Tracy, both Sandra and I appreciate it.

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

3 thoughts on “Day 67 – SPC Bonzo – Give Me 25 Soldier

  1. It is wonderful that you have found SPC Bonzo, who has gone through the process, she certainly can help to explain what PVT Ben and/or PVT Ryan might be doing while they are in training.
    So glad that you had a nice evening and that SPC Bonzo did so well with her pushups all while having three bears on her back, what a trooper..

    1. Hey there SPC Bonzo!

      I figured since I’m a General I need to make sure I keep my skills sharp keeping the troops in line. You did well even with my platoon all standing on your back!

      Well done soldier!
      At ease.

      General Sarge

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