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Day 69 – PVT Buddy Makes Pin Presentation

PVT Buddy Makes Pin Presentation
March 21, 2011

As you may remember, PVT Buddy and his

Day 69 - PVT Buddy Makes Presentation
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

human owner SPC Tracy Bonzo recently visited us. Before coming out Tracy said Buddy had a special surprise for General Sarge. Of course as soon as General Sarge heard the word surprise, he became very excited! He was so excited it was actually hard to keep him calm for the rest of the day. Just what was the surprise? A very special pin! The picture for today has PVT Buddy presenting General Sarge with an official Infantry pin. The pin has a sword on it and says “Follow Me”.

Why is this pin so special?

US Army Infantry School Flag
Image via Wikipedia

Not only was General Sarge excited to receive the pin, but both Sandra and I were very moved that Tracy thought about presenting the pin to General Sarge.

Day 69 - General Sarge - Infantry Pin
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Ben is in the Infantry so this is the official pin representing the branch of the Army he is in. You can see the pin a little closer in this picture. It’s pinned on the left collar of General Sarge’s uniform here. It’s the little touches like this to General Sarge that just make him even more special as Ben’s original Build-A-Bear bear from 8 years ago. Now that Ben is in the Army himself and General Sarge is keeping active encouraging us and others, it’s great to have the same pin on his uniform that Ben will have on his own uniform.

Even More Special

Making PVT Buddy’s presentation to General Sarge even more special is the fact that we heard from Ben over the weekend. Not only did General Sarge get his Infantry pin, but Ben said he got his too! Of course Ben was very encouraged to find out that someone cared enough to get the right pin for General Sarge. Then his next question was – “Where did you pin it?” – When I told him we put it on his left collar Ben informed us we needed to move it as the proper placement of the pin is in the upper left hand corner of his right breast pocket.

Day 69 - Infantry Pin In Correct Place
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Of course we obliged and moved the pin to it’s proper place. General Sarge is proud to be wearing the same pin that PVT Ben has on his uniform too.

Basic Training Almost Done

Speaking of Ben, he is almost done the Basic Training portion of his Fort Benning experience. This is his final week of basic and then it’s onto what’s called AIT. That’s where they receive their special training for the job they’ve picked in the Army. For Ben that means learning how to get in and out of Hummers, tanks and other things like that since he’s infantry. It also means lugging around the new weapon he was just issued last week week too. He said the Drill Sergeant asked for five volunteers and he decided to volunteer. Of course he had no idea what he was volunteering for but he soon found out.

He was issued a different weapon.

Instead of the standard rifle the rest of the platoon carries, he now has an M-249. It’s a big weapon and weighs 16 pounds. I’m sure he’ll have fun carrying that new weapon on the long marches they have planned for this week at Fort Benning. Being the supportive Dad I am, I chuckled and said – “Good luck with that son”. But also deep down inside I’m also very proud of Ben who not only is doing well at Basic Training, but is also being rewarded for his hard work by his superiors.

Please Help Us Get To Ben’s Graduation

Graduation is rapidly approaching and don’t forget you can support us by buying a “General Sarge’s Family First Campaign” coffee package. All the proceeds from the sales of this coffee package, which contains five 1.5 oz packages of Devil Dog Brew flavored coffee and a signed General Sarge 4×6 picture go towards helping off-set travel costs to Ben’s graduation at the end of April.

Buy the General Sarge Families First Campaign Coffee Here

Also please note, all of the proceeds from the sale of the “Families First Campaign” will always go to support military families off-set their expenses for graduation travel. It’s important that families attend the graduation ceremonies. But many times they can’t afford to go because of the expense.

So help out General Sarge in this worthy cause.

If you’d like to support financially in other ways, please feel free to contact me via email and we can talk about that too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

6 thoughts on “Day 69 – PVT Buddy Makes Pin Presentation

    1. Hey Slappy!

      Thanks and I’m glad you like the pin! I think it’s really cool that I have a pin just like my human-owner PVT Ben! It makes me feel closer to him even though he’s so far away.

      General Sarge – Two Paws Up!

  1. My BIL use to drive the hummers too, and he liked carrying the big guns too. Funny thing was he drove hummers and military vehicles but didn’t have his regular license.

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