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Day 71 – At The Movies

At The Movies – March 23, 2011

Day 71 - At The Movies
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Sandra and I are also movie reviewers. We’ve been reviewing movies for a number of years. To find out more about our family-friendly movie reviews you can visit our Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Guide To The Movies site.  You will find all kinds of reviews there and other move related information too.

Of course when Ben was home he would go to movies with us too. Sometimes he’d go when Sandra wasn’t really interested in one. It’s not that I mind going to movies by myself. But, it is always a little more fun to have someone there with you. Many times Ben and I would see the war movies together. Of course it’s pretty obvious why Ben would want to see the war movies. This picture was actually taken last night, but it also seemed like a good one to use for today too.

General Sarge and I went to see The Adjustment Bureau

Reminders of Spending Time With Ben

I’ve been doing a lot of Facebook reading over the past few days on the two sites set up for families who have people at Basic Training right now. I’m reading two Facebook sites since we have two boys at two different places. The Army is great in making sure families know what’s going on. Being apart from your loved one is hard enough. Not being able to communicate with them on a regular basis is even harder and not knowing what they’re doing makes it tough too. But, those in leadership have decided to create a great way for parents and others to connect via Facebook. Parents, family members, spouses, we’re all there encouraging one another as our loved ones are at Basic Training.

One common thread in many messages revolves around missing our loved one who are at Basic Training. Another common thread is the encouragement we all find by reminding one another to remember things we did together with our loved ones before they left. Last night was a very special night as General Sarge and I went to the movies together. While General Sarge is a little more “fluffy” than Ben, it was great to catch a movie together.

Day 71 - Movies - Battle Los Angeles
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

One move I did recently see that I know Ben and other military families would love was Battle: Los Angeles. I know, many are thinking – “Are you kidding?! An alien war movie!?” – But, I found myself liking the movie for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it was great seeing Hollywood portray our soldiers in a positive light. The brave men and women representing not only the Marines in Battle: Los Angeles, but other branches of the military, are portrayed in a very positive light.

As you can see in the second picture for today, General Sarge just had to have his picture taken beside the Battle: Los Angeles stand up display too. After all, it is a movie about soldiers doing what they do best. Protecting our country no matter what the cost.

Please Help Us Get To Ben’s Graduation

Graduation is rapidly approaching and don’t forget you can support us by buying a “General Sarge’s Family First Campaign” coffee package. All the proceeds from the sales of this coffee package, which contains five 1.5 oz packages of Devil Dog Brew flavored coffee and a signed General Sarge 4×6 picture go towards helping off-set travel costs to Ben’s graduation at the end of April.

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Also please note, all of the proceeds from the sale of the “Families First Campaign” will always go to support military families off-set their expenses for graduation travel. It’s important that families attend the graduation ceremonies. But many times they can’t afford to go because of the expense.

So help out General Sarge in this worthy cause.

If you’d like to support financially in other ways, please feel free to contact me via email and we can talk about that too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

One thought on “Day 71 – At The Movies

  1. So glad that General Sarge enjoyed his movie and that you are getting encouragement from the Facebook site as well. Soon you will be reconnected with both boys when you attend their graduations, what a proud day for them to share with their family and loved ones.

    Now regarding General Sarge being “fluffy,” we really need to think of something to change that..

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