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Day 74 – The P90X/Bear Dare Weigh In

The P90X/Bear Dare Weigh In
March 26, 2011

Day 74 - The P90X Weigh In
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

General Sarge is getting ready for the P90X/Bear Dare!

Are you ready to join him yet? I know it’s been the talk around the house here all day today. We’re making plans for converting one room in our place into a fitness room and then we’ll be set to start P90X too! We will all be fit here!

We’re going from Fluff to Buff!

If you happened to miss what this is all about you can take a look at a couple posts here on the General Sarge site;

It’s important to be in good shape and Tony Horton has come up with some great programs! It’s amazing how many people are already talking about General Sarge’s Bear Dare. We’re seeing lots of action on Facebook, on the post from yesterday and from talking with people today. Everyone we’ve chatted with think it’s a great idea and talk very highly about the program.

Where To Get The Material

Some people may need little convincing on taking the Bear Dare – Going From Fluff to Buff. If that’s the case and you’re ready to jump in and get started you can buy the exercise program here…

There are a lot of other great exercise programs to choose from on that page too. The best thing about it all – Don’t forget that when you buy any of the programs listed on the Bear Dare site, a portion of the proceeds go to the Families First Campaign. That’s an exclusive campaign for General Sarge which helps military families off-set their travel expenses so they can attend their future heroes graduation from Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. It’s so important for parents and loved ones to be at their soldiers graduation. But all too often they can’t make graduation because of travel expenses.

General Sarge is committed to raising money and helping families off-set their travel costs.

Of course you can also help the Families First Campaign through the General Sarge Coffee Travel Pack too. This is another great way to help support military families. For more information on the Coffee Travel Pack visit…

All the proceeds from the coffee travel pack sales go toward helping off-set travel expenses for military families to attend graduation. Right now Sandra and I are working on raising money so we can attend Ben’s graduation at the end of April down in Fort Benning, GA. If you would like to simply make a donation to our travel expenses you can also send me an email….

Contact Dr. Rus by Email
Click Here

Thanks in advance for your support!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

2 thoughts on “Day 74 – The P90X/Bear Dare Weigh In

  1. General Sarge wasn’t kidding when he said he had plans to get those around him fit and in shape, he is starting with Dr Rus!! He certainly has been a good influence on his human companions and now the plans to convert a room into a gym deserves two paws up for sure as that is an excellent start. I am looking forward to reading about his progress with this Bear Dare challenge.

    1. So it certainly sounds like everyone, even my furry-friend General Sarge, are all going to make sure I get fit. But it’s not just me, Sandra will be getting into shape too.

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