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Day 75 – PVT Ben In His Class B Uniform

PVT Ben In His Class B Uniform
March 27, 2011

Ben called us Friday night very pumped and excited. He has now officially completed his Basic Training. That means a weekend pass off base and the first time he gets to wear his Class B uniform too! Of course he’s been sending us lots of pictures.

Ben Class B 01
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

After the movie they headed back to the motel where Ben spent some time in the computer room and texting us. Actually , Ben is really enjoying having his cell phone back for a while. When I rolled out of bed Saturday morning there was a text from him at 6:30am saying “Good morning”. I texted back around 9:00am saying – “Saturday is my day to sleep in”.

It’s Great Hearing From Ben

It’s been great hearing from Ben this weekend and it’s also been great seeing the pictures he’s been sending us. With every text we also saw a very excited bear beside us too. General Sarge wanted to see all the pics!

Day 17 - Dress Uniform

Later today it’s back to Fort Benning for Ben. While he’s really enjoyed getting off base for a while after spending 1o weeks on base for his intense Basic Training, it’s time to get back to work on his AIT. But, in just four short weeks, we’ll be heading down to Fort Benning to see him graduate! What an exciting time that will be indeed!


Help Us Get To Fort Benning

We’re very excited about Ben’s upcoming graduation, but we’re also asking for help to off-set our costs to Fort Benning. There are now two ways you can help us as we prepare for the trip.

Staying Army Strong
Dr. Rus

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    1. And…we just hung up the phone from talking with Ryan too! Woo hoo! An exciting day around here to chat with both sons who are at Army Basic Training on the same day. 🙂

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