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Day 77 – Task Force Member – Cpl Slappy Bear

Task Force Member – Cpl Slappy Bear
March 31, 2011

General Sarge is up to his paws in paperwork working on his special Task Force. As he pulls the Task Force together he’s not only processing paperwork, but he’s also determining the exact position each furry-friend is best suited for.

Day 77 - Task Force Member - Cpl Slappy Bear
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today it’s time to introduce the newest member of the Task Force – Cpl Slappy Bear. Some of you may already recognize Slappy as he and General Sarge have become great friends on the Internet over the past few weeks. You can find Slappy on Twitter @SlappyBear along with his human-owner @BlazingMinds too.

Slappy even has his own blog too!

Before going any further, General Sarge wants to point out that even though the picture he’s using for this post has the usual Dr. Rus FW watermark on it, the original picture was taken by Cpl Slappy’s human-owner. But, for the sake of using the picture here it was some technical thing that Dr. Rus did to make sure the picture was protected. General Sarge said he didn’t want to know all the details, he just wanted to make sure everything was done right.

Cpl Slappy Bear’s Job Description

Another thing to point out is the fact that Cpl. Slappy Bear received what’s known as a battlefield promotion. Slappy was already established on the Internet. But, when General Sarge saw a need, Slappy was more than happy to step up and fill the need. As a result, he was promoted to Corporal rather quickly.

As for Cpl Slappy’s job description with the Task Force, it’s two-fold. General Sarge first identified him as a meteorologist after reading a fascinating story about Slappy and what’s known as a Galileo Thermometer over on Slappy’s website – Checking The Temperature With A Galileo ThermometerAt that point General Sarge knew Slappy would be best suited as the meteorologist for the Task Force. After all, it is important that General Sarge is kept apprised of any rapidly changing weather patterns.

As for the second role for Cpl Slappy, since he already does guest posts here at General Sarge HQ and since Cpl Slappy is from Wales, it only makes sense that he is also the Foreign Correspondent for the Task Force too. Cpl Slappy, it might seem like a lot on your plate, but we’re all confident you will rise to the tasks as hand.

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