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Day 79 – Task Force Member – Drill Sgt Buff

Task Force Member – Drill Sgt Buff
April 3, 2011

We are gearing up at General Sarge HQ for what we’re calling The P90X/Bear Dare. It’s aimed at getting into shape. There’s a lot of talk and behind the scenes planning going on for the Bear Dare and keep an eye out for future announcements of when the From Fluff to Buff challenge will begin. It’s also time to introduce one of the driving forces behind the P90X/Bear Dare and she happens to be the Task Force member introduction for today too.

Day 79 - Task Force Member - Drill Sgt Buff

General Sarge is proud to introduce you today to Drill Sgt Buff. As you can see she’s all set to get not only our troops and future soldiers/heroes into shape, but she’s ready to get any and all who want to take part in the Bare Dare into shape too. Just in case you’re wondering where DS Buff got her name from, it’s directly from the P90x/Bear Dare slogan – Go From Fluff to Buff.

DS Buff’s human owner is Janet – also known as BodynSoil – She also did a guest post here entitled Bringing It: General Sarge Partners with Beachbody and P90X. You can also find Janet on Twitter too as @BodynSoil and at her blog BodynSoil. Be assured, you will not be disappointed by reading the great posts she does on her blog.

The P90X/Bear Dare

Are you ready to take the P90X/Bear Dare? If so here are a couple important links where you can find out more information about the dare;

Remember, we’re here to help and encourage you to get into shape. Of course that means DS Buff is also available to encourage all of us as we work to get into shape going from Fluff to Buff.

Help Us Get To Fort Benning

We’re very excited about Ben’s upcoming graduation, but we’re also asking for help to off-set our costs to Fort Benning. There are now two ways you can help us as we prepare for the trip.

The proceeds from the above purchases go to our
“Families First Campaign”.

Also, if you would like to make a direct tax-deductible donation to us you can do that as well. Just send me an email for information about how to do that.

Contact Dr. Rus by Email
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Where Is General Sarge?

Before finishing off the post for today I’d like to announce something new a special that will take place at General Sarge HQ in the days ahead. Our good friend Karen over at the Blazing Minds blog and her furry-friend Slappy Bear who also has his own blog Slappy Bears Blog introduced me to a new site where you can make some really cool pictures! The site is called Pic Joke and Slappy just did a post describing the site entitled – Hey Everyone I’ve Pimped Ma Ride Ya’ll with PicJoke – It’s a great post and a really fun photo site too!

I sent a picture out over Twitter earlier today with a fun picture of General Sarge on a billboard.

General Sarge - Subway Ad

It went over so well I’ve decided to start a new daily picture called Where In The World Is General Sarge?

I hope you enjoy the new fun daily picture! Remember, General Sarge is also looking for followers on Twitter @GeneralSarge as well as fans on the General Sarge Facebook page. Be sure to follow General Sarge on Twitter and add him as a like on Facebook too!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

5 thoughts on “Day 79 – Task Force Member – Drill Sgt Buff

  1. Thank you very much for the honor of being a member of this task force. You know I will do everything I can do to assist the “Family First” campaign. I know General Sarge will be working hard on his task force that works towards getting our new recruits prepared for basic training and to keep our reservists in ready shape, glad to be a part.

    Working together we can make this operation run smoothly.

    1. Hey Janet!

      Glad to have you as part of the Task Force! There’s lots of work to do and you know the old saying – “Many hands makes for lighter work”. We will work to get everyone in shape as we take them from Fluff to Buff!

      General Sarge – Two paws up!

      P.S. Oh wait – You already have two paws up in your picture here.

  2. Hey there Rus, I’m glad Slappy Bear and I could bring this site to your attention and may I also add how cool your new FaceBook Like box looks on the posts 😉

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