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Day 81 – Task Force Member – Sgt Rangel

Task Force Member – Sgt. Rangel
April 5, 2011

Another day is wrapping up at General Sarge HQ and it’s been a long one of more paperwork as General Sarge, along with other members of his Task Force, have been working on completing paperwork for another Task Force Member.

Day 81 - Task Force Member - Sgt Rangel
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today General Sarge is proud to introduce Sgt Rangel to his team! Sgt Rangel, (which is pronounced like Angel only with an R at the front of it) is the “Morale Officer and the Spinner of the Tunes” for the Task Force. It’s important to keep morale high not only among the troops, but in the Task Force too. If you look real close at his coffee mug it’s even a General Sarge coffee mug!

Sgt Rangel’s human-owner is @DJAngelAmy on Twitter and is also one of the great announcers  on Hooah Radio! She’s one of the great Internet DJ’s on the station encouraging the troops and their families weekday mornings from 6-8am. Amy received Sgt Rangel as a gift for all the hard work she puts into the Rolling Angels for Armed Forces organization. Of course since Amy is a Hooah Radio DJ it only makes sense that Sgt Rangel would follow in her footsteps and that’s why he’s not only the Morale Officer, but also the “Spinner of the Tunes”.

General Sarge and the entire Task Force are proud to have
Sgt Rangel joining the team!

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Where Is General Sarge?

I have a feeling one of the reasons General Sarge was a little late with his paperwork has to do with the fact that he was out and about trying to figure out where he should appear today.

Day 81 - General Sarge - Coffee Shop Computer
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

He finally settled on some subtle advertising at a coffee shop. Keep watching every day with the General Sarge post as you never know where he might show up next. But it is safe to say whatever he’s doing and wherever he may be, he’s always looking to support the troops and get the word out about his Families First Campaign.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

4 thoughts on “Day 81 – Task Force Member – Sgt Rangel

  1. Welcome Sgt Rangel, working as a morale officer is a very important job as keeping the spirit of our future hero’s up is a much needed chore.. God luck and best wishes.

    Ah was that advertising, it almost looks like he was doing a teleconference as he tried to be in 100 places doing 100 things all at the same time..

    1. Hey Janet;

      We’re so glad to have a Morale Officer with us now. You are right on the mark pointing out that keeping morale up is so important. There are so many things that can spin everyone out of control. Keeping morale high is a good thing. Of course listening to Hooah Radio helps too!

      As for General Sarge and his ad on the computer screen. You’re right, that could have been a teleconference as he’s looking to work with more humans in spreading the word about helping military families get to graduation ceremonies.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Dr. Rus

  2. Hello there Sgt Rangel, is that a General Sarge mug with your coffee in it? I reckon Slappy Bear would love one of those 😉

    1. Hi there Karen;

      You have a good eye! Yes indeed that is a coffee mug with my logo on it. Just one of the many things we’re working on here at General Sarge HQ! Be watching for a store announcement soon where you will be able to find all kinds of cool things!

      General Sarge – Two paws up!

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