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Day 86 – Green Hornet In 3D

Green Hornet In 3D – April 11, 2011

Wow! It’s been another hectic day around General Sarge HQ! Once again we’re working on some very cool announcements that will be coming your way later this week. As a result, this has been a full afternoon. I even missed my afternoon nap once again. But that’s alright, even though General Sarge doesn’t let much grass grow under our feet, there’s always something exciting things going on here.

Day 86 - Green Hornet In 3D
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

As a result of the full day that means once again this post is coming out a little later than usual. It also means this post will be a little shorter than usual too. But that’s okay because the picture for today has a very fun story behind it!

You will notice both General Sarge and I are wearing 3D glasses for the picture today. Not only are we wearing our 3D glasses, but we’re also posing with a Green Hornet movie poster. It did hit the big screen in 3D and it was a pretty amazing movie in 3D. Over all, the movie was okay, but the special effects really make this a stand out movie. I decided to pose with General Sarge in 3D today for two reasons. First off, Ben wanted so bad to see the Green Hornet before he shipped out for basic training in January. Sandra and I are movie reviewers so we often have early screenings for movies. But, such was not the case with the Green Hornet. The movie opened on the Friday after Ben left so he still has not seen the movie yet.

The second reason I posed with General Sarge today is because my good friend @SlappyBear is running a contest on his Facebook Fanpage. He’s looking for teddy bears to pose with their human-owners and post the pic on his site. For more information about what Slappy is looking for you can read about it on his blog at What Is Your Bear Up To. I just couldn’t resist adding to the fun on Slappy’s Facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “Day 86 – Green Hornet In 3D

  1. I hope you had a great time at the green hornet and Ben gets to see it soon as well.

    I will take a photo of myself and SGT Buff for Slappy Bear’s page too..

    1. Yes, the Green Hornet was a fun movie. Finding the poster this weekend brought back memories of always going to see a movie with Ben when he was home. When he is home on leave we will go see a movie or two before he has to report for duty at Fort Lewis. It’s the little things that make me miss him.

  2. I Know my Human-owner, Karen, really wanted to see this movie in the cinema, but sadly she missed it, so I’ve said I’ll treat her to a trip to see Thor in 3D, which looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Hey Slappy;

    Thor comes out on May 6 and my human-owner PVT Ben WILL be home on leave! I know his Dad, Dr. Rus, is hoping all three of us can go see Thor in 3D together.

    General Sarge – Two paws up!

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