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Day 87 – New General Sarge Logo

New General Sarge Logo – April 12, 2011

First off, I want to say thanks to all of our new readers. The support and interest in General Sarge is wonderful and encouraging. Making this transition from family to military family has been an interesting one. It’s also an ever changing one as we move through the different phases of military life with our boys in the Army. Ben is wrapping up his Basic Training at Fort Benning and by the end of the month we’ll be in Georgia celebrating with him during his graduation. Then after some leave, he will report for his first duty assignment as an active U.S. Army Infantryman. Once again we will be faced with more changes.

We do appreciate the support through this site not only from our readers but also from some sponsors and corporate support we’ve picked up along the way too.

As General Sarge always say – Two paws up!

Day 87 - New General Sarge Logo
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

We have a couple more announcements to make once again today! It seems there’s always something new going on to keep us busy and today General Sarge is thrilled to unveil his new brand new logo! For those of you who have been watching really closely you may have already noticed this logo showing up in a few places over the past couple days. It’s now a new watermark on the pictures and I even dropped in the Task Force version of what we call the Shield logo a few days ago too.

Here at General Sarge HQ we are so thankful for our wonderful design person – Mr. Lee Gang – who is very creative, a stickler for details and always comes up with incredible designs for us, no matter what the project may be. Lee, thanks so much for all of your help.

We’ve come a long way in just a few short months
with General Sarge!

General Sarge Store Now Open

Along with the new logo we’re also proud to announce the official opening of a new store too. You can now find all kinds of fun merchandise at The Original General Sarge Store. Don’t forget, a portion of all sales goes towards our Families First Campaign which helps off-set travel costs for parents or spouses of our future heroes to attend their graduation day.

Visit The Original General Sarge Store – Click Here!

Right now you will find some coffee mugs along, mousepads and iPhone and iPad covers too! Keep checking back to the store as in the days ahead we’ll be adding Official Original General Sarge clothing too!

DS Buff On R&R

Drill Sgt Buff has been spending a few days away on R&R as she prepares to get us all in shape for the upcoming P90X/Bear Dare. The official start date is May 1st.

To find out more and to purchase the P90X program
Click Here!

Once again, remember that a portion of the sale proceeds of the P90X program, or any other Team Beachbody purchase, goes towards the Families First Campaign.

Day 87 - DS Buff Kitty Hawk
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Now I’m not exactly sure when DS Buff will return from her R&R. General Sarge keeps telling me that’s classified information since both he and DS Buff need to keep the troops on their toes, she has been sending us daily pictures. Today she sent us a picture of her “hitching a ride on the Kitty Hawk”! I wonder if that plane has a flotation device as part of it’s seat. Actually, I don’t even see any seatbelt there! I hope DS Buff is holding on tight!

You can keep up with DS Buff’s travels and all the great pictures over in the official General Sarge Photo Album page on my Flickr account.

Check Out More DS Buff R&R Pictures – Click Here!

Until next time – Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

2 thoughts on “Day 87 – New General Sarge Logo

    1. Hey Slappy!

      Glad you like the new logo. Do you think it looks like me? 😉 Also, just between us two teddy bears, I think I heard my human-owners dad talking with your human-owner about a possible surprise for you sometime too. But, whatever you do don’t tell either of them we’re talking about this stuff. I’m a General I have ways of finding these things out be we have to keep it quiet too.

      General Sarge – Two paws up!

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