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Day 88 – When Plans Change

When Plans Change – April 13, 2011

There are some things military families experience that are just hard to explain to someone else unless you are walking in their shoes too. Yes, people mean well with words of encouragement and it’s not that we don’t appreciate those words. However, sometimes when reality hits, it rocks your world and you once again find yourself on that roller-coaster ride of emotion.

Day 88 - When Plans Change
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Such is the case for today and it’s also the reason for the picture of the day too. A number of weeks ago I received a call from a Navy Mom who just received word that her son was being discharged from Navy Basic Training because of health issues. Of course I felt devastated with her as she worked through the emotions of how to encourage her son when he arrived home. Hopefully I said the right things and hopefully she was encouraged.

But, until you find yourself in the very same situation, you really don’t know what the emotional roller-coaster ride is like. Today we find ourselves working through the same emotions. A couple weeks ago Ryan called saying he was receiving a medical discharge from his basic training. After much processing and paperwork, he is flying home today and will actually arrive home later tonight.

So, what exactly happened?

It really has to do with everything we’re talking about here at General Sarge HQ and the P90X/Bear Dare. The process for Ryan signing up for the Army Reserves and then shipping out for his Basic Training all happened rather quickly. As a result, when he arrived at Fort Jackson, he just was not in shape to handle all the physical aspects of the training. This is not a bad thing and he is not alone. There were a number of others in the same situation in his platoon.

But, this does highlight the need for not only our Bear Dare – Go From Fluff to Buff Challenge – but also the need for our kids to be in good physical shape.

Doing The Bear Dare Together!

Now you know why both General Sarge and Master Sarge are standing by the weights and the P90X program in the picture for today. We’ve been encouraging Ryan over the past couple weeks while talking on the phone that we will work with him to get into shape. That’s right, I said “we”. Not only will Ryan work through the Challenge, but both Sandra and myself are doing it as well. Then in 6 months time when Ryan can re-enlist for the Reserves, (which is what they told him to do at Fort Jackson), he will be in shape and ready for Basic Training.

Find Out More About the P90X/Bear Dare – Click Here!

We are working hard here at General Sarge HQ to build a support group for those who take part in the Bear Dare. Our official start date is May 1. That’s when the 90 day program will begin. We’re in the midst of setting up an area where everyone who takes the challenge can encourage one another too. Details on that will be coming soon. But in the meantime you can get ready to take part by reading up on the Bear Dare and then buying the P90X exercise program.

As a matter of fact, General Sarge has made it very easy to buy the Tony Horton program. You can buy it from General Sarge and not only will you get into shape, but you’ll be supporting our Families First Campaign too. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of the P90X Extreme exercise program will go to help parents and spouses off-set the travel expenses to their future heroes graduation.

Buy the P90X Extreme Program – Click Here!

Not only are you supporting a great cause, but you’ll be encouraged to get into shape and be in great shape after 90 days.

Day 88 - DS Buff USS Constitution
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Last, but certainly not least for today. DS Buff continues her R&R as she prepares to encourage us all as we take the P90X/Bear Dare. Today she sent along a very exciting picture!

You can keep up with DS Buff’s travels and all the great pictures over in the official General Sarge Photo Album page on my Flickr account.

Check Out More DS Buff R&R Pictures – Click Here!

Until next time – Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

4 thoughts on “Day 88 – When Plans Change

  1. Sending hugs. I am one of those that has tried to be encouraging to you, but don’t worry I totally get that my words although well meaning, and well received, are just that words. Until you walk in the shoes of the person, you don’t fully get it, and can’t fully give any good advice. In those situations, I usually try to shut up as much as possible, and just give them a hug.

    I learned that lesson when I had a m/c before I had a child. It was so hard going thru that, I had people say stupid things, I had people say hurtful things, and I had people say things that tried to be helpful, but they sounded hallow. The only thing that really comforted me was my friend, who got tears in her eyes, and said there are no words. And gave me a hug. So that’s what I send to you, a hug. And a thumbs up that you are doing all you can.

  2. Ryan will be fine, he just has to stay encouraged and motivated so that he can get back to his career. If I lived closer I would join you during the challenge, but I’ll be restarting p90x myself.

    1. I’m hoping many will join us for the challenge and we can all encourage one another on this site here as well as in a forum I plan to set up.

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