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Day 100: Ready To Go!

Ready To Go – April 27, 2011

Two paws up! Today is the day! There’s lots of excitement here at General Sarge HQ! I don’t think General Sarge got much sleep last night. He kept checking the bags to make sure he had all the important things he needs for the trip today.

Day 100 - Ready To Go!

The most important things, his dress uniform, camera and video camera! Of course he already has his dress shoes shined and his dress uniform pressed. Now I’m trying to find out from General Sarge if he knows anything about a “surprise” that’s coming for me during the Turning Blue ceremony tomorrow.

That’s right! I found out last night there’s some kind of a surprise for me. Obviously PVT Ben knows about the surprise and even Sandra knows about the surprise. General Sarge just keeps pulling out a folder that says “Top Secret” on it and says it’s for “His eyes only”.

So, I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out what it is. Now I’m excited!

Keep Up With Graduation Pictures

As you can imagine, we have a lot of packing yet to do but do stay tuned as General Sarge will be posting lots of pictures during the trip too. Be sure to follow both myself – @DrRus – and General Sarge – @GeneralSarge – on Twitter. That way you won’t miss any pictures I might take on my phone and post there too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

2 thoughts on “Day 100: Ready To Go!

  1. I see General Sarge is being a little tease with that “Top Secret” folder. Hehe
    Can’t wait for the updates and you can bet that I will be watching for the pictures! Have a safe flight!

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