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Day 101: Top Secret Mission

Top Secret Mission – April 28, 2011

Day 101 - Top Secret Mission

It’s been a long day but I did want to get a quick update on the events of the day. Of course today was the Turning Blue Ceremony for Ben at Fort Benning. The Top Secret Mission – Ben could have a family member put his blue cord on him which means it’s official – it is now PVT Benjamin Jeffrey and he is officially an Infantryman in the U.S. Army. As I put the cord on him he said – “This is what it’s all about – The sky is blue because God loves the Infantry”. I must admit I was honored that Ben wanted me to put his cord on him.

Day 101 - Proud Day Proud Dad after putting blue Infantry cord on PVT Benjamin Jeffrey

General Sarge Is Proud Too

Of course General Sarge was also very proud of his human-owner PVT Benjamin Jeffrey too. As we all milled around the area during the Turning Blue Ceremony as everyone received their Blue Cords General Sarge took some time to spend with his human-owner too. After all, it’s been January since he’s seen him.

Day 101 - General Sarge with Human-OwnerAs you can see General Sarge was looking good with PVT Ben as they’re both in their dress uniforms. After the ceremony PVT Ben had a pass off base until 8:00pm. It was a full day and a great day of catching up. We spent quite a bit of time at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. We meet some great people and believe it or not but General Sarge even found an entire family section and some Build-A-Bear furry friends too! We took a lot of pictures and plan to put them all into a separate album so you can see them all next week.

Tomorrow will be another full day. Graduation at 9:00am and then off to Atlanta. One stop on the agenda, a Build-A-Bear store of course.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

5 thoughts on “Day 101: Top Secret Mission

  1. That is a wonderful surprise and had have been very overwhelming for both of you. How wonderful that you were able to place the cord on the ceremony and had the opportunity to spend family time together. Speaking of family time, General Sarge must have loved his time with Ben and also with his fellow bear patrons.

    1. Yes was a great time yesterday. General Sarge was thrilled to make new friends and just wait until you see the pictures from the kids room at the museum! As for Ben and General Sarge, I did notice Ben buckled him in the back seat of the car right beside him.

    1. Hey Slappy!
      Thanks and yes it was a very proud day. Today is graduation and we’ll see a lot of soldiers marching and rhyming on the field!

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