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Day 101: Turning Blue Day

Top Secret File – April 28, 2011

Day 101 - Turning Blue Day

**Please Note: Again this post was set for yesterday. But we arrived late into Columbus, GA. We are up and moving for the day! After just 4 hours of sleep we’re getting ready for a quick 10 minute drive to Fort Benning. As you can see, General Sarge is still guarding the Top Secret file. I have no idea what the surprise is for today, but I will find out soon as we it’s supposed to happen during the Turning Blue Ceremony.

Can you tell General Sarge is excited too! He looks pretty spiffy in his Dress Uniform!

We See PVT Benjamin Jeffrey Today!

We have arrived in Columbus, GA, which is where Fort Benning is located. It’s been a long and full day and we’re really excited about tomorrow. We haven’t seen PVT Ben since mid-January when he shipped off to Basic Training. We spoke with him on the phone and he described the location of the Turning Blue Ceremony and told us exactly where to sit. So hopefully we’ll be able to see him in the midst of all the other graduates too!

Of course General Sarge is still guarding the “Top Secret” file folder. He knows it’s driving me crazy as I’m trying to figure out what the surprise is for me for tomorrow. Sandra isn’t even saying anything and General Sarge is not about to give up the file either. I have a feeling he maybe doesn’t trust me. As you can see from the picture here as soon as we arrived at the motel he pulled the file out and is holding on to it tightly so I can’t find out what’s inside of it! I think he’s even planning on sleeping with it under his pillow so I can’t sneak a peak.

Whatever the surprise is, I’m sure I will be thrilled. But for now, as the day is late and it’s been a full day, it’s time to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be another full day as we head to Fort Benning for a Parent’s Briefing for 9am. Then it’s the Turning Blue Ceremony at 10:30am. Then, PVT Ben has a day pass so we’ll tour around the area. Be sure to watch for pictures both here as well as on my Twitter stream – @DrRus – General Sarge’s Twitter stream – @GeneralSarge

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

One thought on “Day 101: Turning Blue Day

  1. I am very excited for you and your family for what must be a very proud and exciting transition for Ben. I also can’t wait to see and/or hear about what is in that top secret folder, surprises can be so fun can’t they.

    Congratulations to Ben on a job well done..

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