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Day 105: Fort Benning Turning Blue Ceremony

Turning Blue Ceremony – May 4, 2011

2nd Battalion, 19th Infantry Regiment

We are getting back into the swing of things after returning home from Fort Benning, GA for PVT Ben Jeffrey’s graduation last week. While Sandra and I flew home Saturday, Ben flew to Idaho to visit his older brother who lives out there. His, along with his brothers flight who is home for a visit, arrived last night, (Tuesday), around 9:00pm in Rochester, NY. Of course flying through many time zones has a way of messing up your body clock. So, as I was walking out the door this morning around 4:00am, Ben was walking in after visiting with some friends he hasn’t seen since mid-January.

While I did try to keep on General Sarge posts while we were away, I took many more pictures than just what you saw. I’ve had a number of people ask if I have more pictures of graduation. Of course I do! As I’ve been trying to figure out the best way for everyone to see the pictures I came up with an easy way to do it.

Many times when we hear the word graduation, we think of one main event. But, I ended up with three categories of pictures;

  • Turning Blue Ceremony
  • National Infantry Museum
  • Graduation

Here’s the plan. For the next three days I will do a post for each portion of the graduation celebration. I’ll place one or two pictures directly in the post and then link to more pictures on Flickr.

Three In One

Graduating from the Infantry in the Army is quite an experience. As already mentioned, it’s actually three events spread over two days. The first ceremony took place on Thursday, April 28th. The Turning Blue Ceremony is when the soldiers receive their official blue cord signifying they are part of the infantry. I did an earlier post about that as Ben surprised me and had me put his cord on him. You can read more about that in the earlier post – Day 101: Top Secret Mission – it was quite an honor.

Day 105 - General Sarge - PVT Benjamin Jeffrey

Since this was the first ceremony of the graduation process, I decided to make the Turning Blue Ceremony the first post in this series of pictures. Not only was it a proud moment for myself and Sandra, but as you can see, General Sarge was very proud of his human-owner, PVT Benjamin Jeffrey too. He had to get a picture to remember this important day as well. It did take some convincing, but General Sarge even managed to get a picture of PVT Ben along with his Drill Sgt!

Day 105 - General Sarge - PVT Benjamin Jeffrey...

DS Johnson wasn’t too sure at first about a picture with him, PVT Ben and General Sarge but I think General Sarge threatened to make HIM do some push ups. That changed everything and this is simply a great picture. Of course I also thanked Drill Sgt. Johnson for all his hard and good work with Ben over the 15 weeks of Basic Training.

To see more pictures of the Turning Blue Ceremony – Click here!

The best way to sum up the entry for today – in honor of the Turning Blue Ceremony pictures – a quote from Ben and the rest of the infantry…

Why is the sky blue? Because God loves the infantry!

Day 105 - General Sarge with Drill Sgt Bears

I was just about to hit publish on this post and suddenly General Sarge came bursting into the room to make sure I put up one of his favorite pictures from the day. While waiting for the ceremony to start he found a couple furry Drill Sgt Bear friends.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

4 thoughts on “Day 105: Fort Benning Turning Blue Ceremony

  1. served with 1st battalion (ROCK) 1966-1969 so pleased to come across this site all the way ‘Queen of Battle’

    1. Greetings!

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment and than you for your service too. It’s always great when veterans drop by the site and leave a comment. Please come again soon and feel free to leave comments.

      Dr. Rus

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