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Day 111: Hanging With Family

Hangin’ With Family – May 16, 2011

So PV2 Ben, (he corrected us over the weekend and said since he’s an E2 he’s not a PVT which stands for just plain Private, but he’s actually a PV2), has been home on leave. Tomorrow he heads off to the airport once again to report to his first duty station which is Fort Lewis, WA. While we’re all excited for him, it will also be somewhat bittersweet as we say so long to Ben for a while as he will be stationed on the other side of the country.

Day 111 - Hanging With Family
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Since Ben has been on leave there have been times to get together with human family and furry family friends too! Zack – he’s the one holding onto our dog Samson – has been home for a couple weeks visiting from Idaho. A friend of his, David who’s hold “Praying Naomi” came with him. Then of course there’s Ben and General Sarge and Ryan with Master Sarge. They all posed for a picture after Sunday dinner yesterday.

Do We Look Cool?

Day 111 - Lookin Cool In Shades
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

After taking the family picture Ben thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of him and General Sarge both wearing their shades. You may remember that General Sarge got his new shades when we visited the Build-A-Bear store just outside of Atlanta. Ben picked up some new shades while he’s been on leave during the past couple weeks.

Since this post is about family it’s probably a good time to remind everyone about the upcoming P90X-Bear Dare which supports our Families First Campaign here at General Sarge HQ. All too often soldiers graduate from basic training with no family in attendance because of travel costs. It’s always great to enjoy big moments like this with family.

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

One thought on “Day 111: Hanging With Family

  1. Great photos of General Sarge’s Bear Dare family of friends! Ben’s shades are great choice for him and make him look Army cool, just like General Sarge.

    I hope Ben has a safe flight and that this next phase in his military career goes smoothly.

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