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Day 113: Military Child of The Week Salute

Military Child of the Week Salute – May 20, 2011

It is no secret that we here at General Sarge HQ are all about families and especially military children of those families. After all, how could we not be about kids when General Sarge is a Build-A-Bear himself! I love some of the story about how Build-A-Bear was born. Build-A-Bear is a “beary-fun-place” to visit and that’s exactly what the owner of Build-A-Bear was going for. She wanted to not only work at something that was fun, but build something for children and their families that would be fun too. Kids are very special and very important.

Day 113 Military Child of The Week Salute

That’s why General Sarge is surrounded by toys for the picture today. Well, at least that’s one of the reasons he’s surrounded by toys. It also seemed appropriate to surround General Sarge today with toys as we make an announcement about a new weekly feature we’re preparing to start.

The Military Child of The Week Salute!

How It Works

Every Friday we will salute a child of a military parent telling their story and why they’re proud to be a military child. To nominate a child for the weekly salute is very easy. Simply click the “Contact” button on the left hand side of the website here. Then fill in the applicable fields, your name, the name of the military child you’re nominating, your email address and phone number. Then, in the message portion of the form please tell us about the child you’re nominating and his or her story. Also, please include the branch of the military the parent is serving in with rank, unit, base and if they’re currently deployed.

Before saluting the military child I will contact you via email, (now you know why I need the email of the person nominating the child), to get a picture of the child you’re nominating to use on the website along with the write up of the child we’re saluting. It’s also important to note here that this weekly salute is open to ALL ages. It does not matter of the child is 3 or 33 – a military child is a military child and each military child has his or her own unique story and all military children are worthy to be saluted and honored here at General Sarge HQ.

So considering this the official announcement of our Military Child of The Week Salute and start nominating military children today!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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