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Day 114: Help My Alexa Score

Help My Alexa Score – May 22, 2011

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When it comes to getting noticed online my good furry friend Slappy Bear always has great tips and tricks to pass my way. After all, we teddy bears do need to stick together you know. Slappy’s human-owner Karen of the Blazing Minds blog is always willing to help out too. One great tool she introduced us to here at General Sarge HQ is a site called Alexa.

It’s a very helpful site when it comes to tracking how people find a site online. Of course General Sarge is also registered on Alexa!

Day 114 Help My Alexa Rating

Not only is this a way to find out about our visitors, but there’s even a place where you, the followers and readers of General Sarge, can write a review too! It’s all in an effort to spread the word about all we’re doing here at General Sarge HQ to support military families.

As you can see General Sarge decided to take a look at his stats on Alexa and look over some reviews too.

Please Write A General Sarge Review On Alexa

We’ve been registered with Alexa for about 3 months and today General Sarge would like to ask everyone who’s reading this post to take a few minutes and write a review on his Alexa listing please.

It’s really easy to write a review too! Just click the button here!

Review www.generalsarge.com on alexa.com

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about General Sarge! As he always says – Two paws up!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

6 thoughts on “Day 114: Help My Alexa Score

  1. My Internet Marketing professor introduced me to Alexa and a bunch of other sites that help you keep track of your online presence. Right after I am done writing this, I will head over and write a review for General Sarge so I don’t get into trouble… again. 🙂

  2. Hey there, I’m always glad to help out General Sarge when I can, I know that Slappy Bear’s blog has improved since being registered on Alexa and I can see that your ranking is also starting to climb. Stopped by and read some of the reviews, very nice.

    Now if only Slappy Bear could get some more as well 😉 😉

  3. Just been to Slappy Bear’s website and I see you’re good mates. Your blog certainly seems to be doing well on google so it looks as if you’re strategy is working. Fight the good fight. Carry on soldier.

    1. Hi Teddy Bear Friends!

      Thanks for stopping by! Of course any friend of Slappy’s has gotta to be a friend of mine too. We’re having a great time supporting military families here. Especially children. After all, we are Teddy Bears.

      Always nice to meet new “furry friends”.

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

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