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Day 116: Don’t Steal My Stuff

Don’t Steal My Stuff – May 24, 2011

General Sarge called in some favors today with Military Police friends and came up with a pair of handcuffs. Lets just say General Sarge and the rest of us around General Sarge HQ were not very happy yesterday when we found out someone was “stealing our stuff”.

Day 116 - Don't Steal My Stuff
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Drill SGT Buff’s human owner alerted us to the fact that someone had plagiarized our P90X-Bear Dare material. Not only did this person plagiarize our written material, but they were also pawning themselves off as someone who was connected with us! Lets just say no one was very happy about that. After all, not only is that wrong, but it also breaks our copyright here and we take that very seriously.

As you can see, General Sarge is ready with the handcuffs and wants justice served.

After doing some research on the site where the “stolen” article appeared we discovered how to contact the owners of the website and even tracked down the person behind the plagiarized article. The site where the article was posted has removed it from their database and also told the person who wrote the article they were in violation of the submission guidelines.

Making Matters Worse…

While we are thankful the owners of the website where the article appeared removed it, there is an even more disturbing side to this story. Not only did the person plagiarize our Bear Dare material, they were also driving people to their site, saying they represented the Families First Campaign and that a portion of the P90X sales would go to General Sarge’s support of military families. That was simply not true. We have no idea who the person is and his site is in no way connected with us at all.

My first email to the owners of the website where the article appeared was sent around 6:30am EST. By last night when I still hadn’t heard anything back I went to the site and posted a comment revealing the “thief” for who and what he is. A scammer a stealer a thief and a fake robbing military families of financial support. That got the attention of the site owners as suddenly the article was removed very quickly and I received an email apology today.

General Sarge and Team Beachbody Mean Business!

Not only did we have the plagiarized article removed, but we also notified Team Beachbody since General Sarge is an official Team Beachbody Coach. They really mean business when it comes to piracy and plagiarism at Team Beachbody. Carl Daikeler, Chairman and CEO of Team Beachbody has written a couple articles about piracy on his blog.

On a personal note, discovering that the people at Team Beachbody take this seriously encouraged me as a Coach. It means they are a business that really are here to support those connected with their organization. In the words of General Sarge – Two paws up to Carl Daikeler and those involved in Team Beachbody management.

On a closing note, General Sarge thought it might be fitting to finish with a little poem he came up with today about this whole issue of plagiarism and piracy.

I may be a teddy bear full of fluff,
But don’t mess with me because I’m pretty tough.
I’ll say this just once and only once,
Keep your paws off my stuff!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

4 thoughts on “Day 116: Don’t Steal My Stuff

  1. I don’t understand people. I’m glad the issue got worked out for you, and I sincerely hope that nothing like that happens again. To mess with our military and our military families is just wrong.

    1. You are so right Tracy. This is one of those times when you’d like to say all people are good and no one would want to rip off anyone, especially our military families. But it’s sad to say we need to be aware of what’s going on and be on the look out at all times too.

  2. I was really surprised when I say the blog post title when doing a Google search. I was even more surprised to read the post as I knew it was a direct copy of General Sarge posts. Where ever you have good in this world there will be an evil entity trying to take advantage.

    I am so relieved that the posts were removed ASAP. Carl Daikeler is always very responsive to my emails to him regarding counterfeit posts. I really appreciate the attention the owner of the company gives to the people working in the trenches, he is a great guy that really cares about his business and the people working for him.

    Drill Sargent Buff and myself, BodynSoil, are always on the lookout for evil no gooders; trying to steal off the backs of those that have put in the hard work and effort to do good things is pathetic.

  3. I’m afraid to say that as a blog gets popular this will happen, some people just can’t figure out how to use their brains to construct something well written and have to steal an article from somebody else.

    At least you managed to get the post removed, that’s a good start, lets just hope that it doesn’t happen again.

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