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Day 120: Memorial Day Monuments

Memorial Day Monuments – May 30, 2011

Today is Memorial Day – a day to remember those who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we have here in the United States. Of course as you can well imagine, this is a big day for General Sarge. As his human-owner, PV2 Benjamin Jeffrey, is at Fort Lewis processing in and heading to his unit, I’m proudly wearing my Delta Company t-shirt Ben got me celebrating his graduation from Fort Benning as part of the Infantry in the United States Army.

Day 120 - Arcadia War Memorial
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

General Sarge paid a visit to the Arcadia, New York War Memorial today. Pretty much every where you go today there will be reminders of those who gave their lives so we can be free.

Since I started these daily pictures I’ve come across some wonderful military blogs along the way too. One post in particular grabbed my attention earlier this weekend. I wish I could remember exactly where I found it, but I can’t. However, to summarize the post an Army Chaplain was writing about the meaning of Memorial Day. In a nutshell he said he understands why people thank him for his service, but it’s especially hard to take those words of gratitude on Memorial Day Weekend. After all, as the Chaplain pointed out, Memorial Day is a time to remember those who gave their lives, the ultimate sacrifice, so we can enjoy our freedom here.

Lest We Forget

It’s amazing how we can pass by something every day and never really take notice of what’s right in front of our eyes. As I took the pictures with General Sarge today I stopped to read some of the other monuments in the park.

Day 120 - Lest We Forget
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

This one in particular caught my attention as an amazing reminder of what Memorial Day is all about.

With this monument General Sarge stands in a moment of silence remembering those who gave their lives. Along the side of this monument are the words – “The statistics shown represent the six branches of our military. There were others who lost their lives. Lest we not forget those and those who are missing in action. May God rest their souls”.

  • World War I – 116,708
  • World Word II – 412,808
  • Korean War – 36,516
  • Vietnam War – 85.208
  • Desert Storm/Desert Shield – 385

As you pass by a War Memorial monument in your area today, please take a moment to stop the car, go to the monument, and spend some time in silence remembering those who gave their lives.

Staying Army Strong,
Dr. Rus

4 thoughts on “Day 120: Memorial Day Monuments

  1. I went to the Highland Park Vietnam Memorial walk the other day for the first time. Today I will be working, but I will be honoring the troops who died for me with a moment of silence.

    1. Hi Tracy;

      The Vietnam Memorial walk at Highland Park is amazing. Last year when we went to the Lilac Festival we walked that. Very powerful.

      Have a great day.
      Dr. Rus

    1. Hi Janet;

      It’s amazing how my awareness has been heightened as a direct result of Ben now being an active duty soldier. While I always knew what Memorial Day was all about and did attend various ceremonies, this year seems much more meaningful and important to me.

      Thanks for your comment!
      Dr. Rus

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