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Day 129: Stanley Cup Playoff Time

Stanley Cup Playoffs – June 13, 2011

Last year was great when it came to the Stanley Cup Playoffs as both of my favorite teams were in the finals. (Flyers and Blackhawks) This year is another great year as two more teams we follow here at General Sarge HQ are in the playoffs too – Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins – In the long run that means it’s a win win for us no matter who wins!

As we get set for Game 6 tonight you can see General Sarge is set for the game too.

Day 129 - Stanley Cup Playoff Time

Yes, that is General Sarge underneath the rather large hockey helmet. It looks like he’s all set to play goal. I’m not sure which team he figures he’ll be playing for though.

We are sports fans in this household. We’re big NASCAR fans and since we’re originally from Canada, we’re of course hockey fans too. A couple years ago Ben found my hockey bag with my old equipment in it and decided to go out on Halloween as a hockey player. One of the great things we did together as father and son was watched both racing and hockey together. As the NHL playoffs head into game six for tonight we’re separated by many miles. But, while I watch the game at home, I’m sure Ben will get updates along the way too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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