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Day 145: A Visit To Fort Lewis

A Visit To Fort Lewis – July 20, 2011

Last summer our oldest son Zack decided he wanted a change so he moved from Upstate New York to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. That was quite the move and honestly it took some getting used to.

City of Coeur d'Alene
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Yes he’s our oldest and we understand he wanted to move out and experience life. But moving to the other side of the country!? He’s now pretty much settled, working and having a great time meeting new friends, recording new CD’s with his band and playing music anytime he can.

Close To His Brother

Leading up to Ben’s orders we had no idea where he would end up after graduating from Fort Benning, GA. There was a little bit of hope that he may end up at Fort Drum, New York. At least he would be close by. But that was not to be. Instead his orders came through for Fort Lewis, Washington. Once again, we have another son on the other side of the country. This has been a major adjustment. Suddenly instead of seeing the boys everyday, we communicate via the Internet and on the phone.

While the distance is obviously hard on us as parents, it also takes its toll on Ben at Fort Lewis. After all, he is our youngest and this is the first time he’s been this far away from us!

071711 Zack and Ben Fort Lewis
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 You can well imagine his excitement when he found out big brother Zack was planning a visit! We recently sent a digital camera to Zack and instructed him to take lots of pictures while he visited Ben at Fort Lewis. Apparently somewhere along the line the camera did not get packed. After a 5 and a half hour drive from Coeur de’Alene to Fort Lewis, Zack discovered the only camera he had was the one on his phone. Oh well, at least with the modern technology of the day he still had a camera of sort with him.

Word is they had a great time. Ben was able to get off base for a couple days and he also had an opportunity to show Zack around the base too. Rumor has it they spent a lot of money on Saturday dinner as well. All in all they had a great time, we got a new picture and some of the loneliness of living so far away from home was calmed, for the time being. Knowing that Zack and Ben saw one another makes us look forward even more to Christmas when Ben will be home for a couple weeks.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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