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Day 146: Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

Hey Nunnie Nunnie – July 21, 2011

Last weekend we made our yearly visit to the Sterling, New York Renaissance Festival. We had a great time as usual and it’s always wonderful to catch up with old friends in so many characters as we stroll through the Shire for the day.  We did not take General Sarge with us and to say the least, it did raise the fur on his back some and got his stuffing all upset with us too.

Day 146 - Hey Nunnie Nunnie
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today I took General Sarge with me to the radio station in the hopes he would forgive us for not taking him to the festival. I had special in-studio guests I knew he’d like to see! Of course my special guests were also thrilled to meet General Sarge as they posed here for a great picture. It’s Shannon and Dana – also known as Hey Nunnie Nunnie! As I took this picture they started scheming with General Sarge about a visit to the Shire before the season is finished this year.

So keep watching, there may be a day of General Sarge at the Faire coming too.

Cherish The Childhood Memories

As parents we always say “cherish the childhood memories” when our kids are growing up. While there are days we are certainly pressed by their antics, it is true, the childhood memories and the pictures certainly are to be cherished.

Day 146 - Ben and Hey Nunnie Nunnie
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

As Shannon and Dana visited with me in the studio they noticed the pictures of Ben from his Fort Benning graduation. Then they also noticed hanging on the wall behind me a picture of Ben with them dressed as Hey Nunnie Nunnie behind me.

This picture was taken in 2007 when we went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. That day Ben dressed as a pirate. Yes indeed, as Ben is now grown up and serving in the U.S. Army, these are indeed memories and pictures we do cherish.

Staying Army Strong,
Dr. Rus

7 thoughts on “Day 146: Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

  1. So I take it that General Sarge’s counseling session went well this morning? I know I definitely felt inspired after my first counseling session with Hey Nunnie Nunnie! LOL!

    1. Hey Tracy;

      Yes the counseling session went well. However, I think I over-heard Mother Redempta telling General Sarge he needed to do some push-ups because he was looking a little on the “chubby” side. I guess if you’re a Mother Superior you can say things like that to a General. LOL!

      Dr. Rus

  2. Uh oh, has General Sarge been slacking on his PT? Shame, shame… he better get back to that P90x pronto!

    And now I am going to go ahead and knock out 20 push-ups.

    1. Hi Karen;

      Yes, General Sarge has forgiven us for not taking him to the festival. Especially since we’re now making some other plans which include him and make him very happy.

      Dr. Rus

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