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Day 146: General Sarge Smurf

General Sarge Smurf – July 24, 2011

“La la la la la laaaa, sing a happy song!”

I have a confession to make – I absolutely love The Smurfs! Always have and always will. Of course thinking of the Smurfs also brings back great memories of Saturday morning cartoon time with Ben watching the Smurfs too! I was very happy to receive an invitation to an early screening for the new Smurfs movie yesterday. It made me miss Ben a little more as I would have loved to attend the movie with him. It’s a fun movie and a full review of the flick will be on my Frame by Frame movie review site this coming Friday.

Yesterday afternoon, after the screening for the Smurfs, Sandra and I made a stop at our favorite Build-A-Bear store in Eastview Mall in Victor, New York. It’s always great fun to visit the store. Sarah, one of the Managers at the store, is always thrilled to see us and yesterday we also met the Chief Workshop Manager, Renee Rivera too.

Day 148 - General Sarge Smurf
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

We went looking for something in particular for General Sarge and came out with something fun too! A new Smurf hat! Build-A-Bear is running a great special right now in conjunction with the opening of The Smurfs movie and when I saw this Smurf hat, I just new General Sarge would want one.

I was right too! He was thrilled when we brought
his present home for him.

Still To Come – A Very Special Surprise!

I said above we originally went into Build-A-Bear looking for something in particular for General Sarge. While they didn’t have what we were looking for right at the store, Sarah searched some other stores and found exactly what we want for General Sarge! She then contacted another store and soon a special package will arrive at the Eastview Mall store just for General Sarge.

Now I can’t tell anyone right now what the surprise is and Sarah has been sworn to beary-secrecy too. But I can tell you this, it will be a fun time and both General Sarge and Ben will love it!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

10 thoughts on “Day 146: General Sarge Smurf

  1. I know I’m not your son, or biologically your kid, but I’m really honored you took me to the screening and glad to have as close to a father as I might ever know. I hope we might be able to have more of these times, and I thank you again Dad. It was a lot of fun.

    1. Hey Tracy;

      Yes, I too was honored to have you attend the screening with me too. It was a lot of fun and I’m sure more screenings will come along too. Do you like General Sarge’s new hat?

      Dr. Rus (Dad)

    1. Hey Slappy;

      Yes, you need to convince your human-owner to get you one of these too! Then we can make a music video and become stars on YouTube!

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

  2. We love the smurf hat too, Build a Bear has fantastic things in their store to personalize any bear. I hope you enjoyed the movie and can’t wait for your review.

    1. Glad you like my hat! I really like it too. And just wait until you see what’s on the way for me soon! I know it’s supposed to be a secret but I think I know what my human-owners parents are getting me.

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

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