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Day 150: Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons Coffee – July 26, 2011

We do love our coffee here at General Sarge HQ. Of course our favorite coffee comes from our good friend Retired Marine Major Hank at Devil Dog Brew. Major Hank is a great supporter of all we do and especially our Families First Campaign.

Day 150 - Tim Hortons Coffee But, since I’m Canadian, I also really love Tim Hortons coffee too! 

Today after I got off the air at the radio station I had a coffee appointment at our area Tim Hortons coffee shop. When they first opened I often stopped into Tim Hortons on my way to work for a coffee and donut. But, that was really early and they’re not open at that hour anymore. So, whenever I have an opportunity to have a coffee there, I make sure I make my appointments for Tim Hortons. This afternoon General Sarge wanted to go with me and Ashley was more than happy to have her picture taken with General Sarge after she served up my coffee.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

5 thoughts on “Day 150: Tim Hortons Coffee

  1. We love our coffee here in the northern part of Vermont as well. So glad to see that you have your home grown variety on hand and that you are now getting just the coffee and skipping that donut.

    1. Hi Janet;

      Well I did have to watch Dr. Rus closely on that donut. He tried really hard to order one but I told him that simply would not do since we’re working the P90X-Bear Dare going from “Fluff to Buff”. I actually threatened to tell DS Buff on him and Dr. Rus didn’t want to do any extra push ups. So he “stepped away from the donut counter” and settled for just the coffee.

      Two paws up!
      Dr. Rus

  2. Smart thinking there to step away from the donuts. General Sarge is serious when it comes to his threats…not that I have any personal experience with being dropped or anything…

    1. Hey Tracy;

      I do believe you have “dropped and given General Sarge some push ups” in the past. I just think it’s unfair that both General Sarge AND DS Buff are now picking on me and taking my donuts away. LOL!

      Dr. Rus

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