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Day 165: Gift-A-Bear Mailroom

Gift-A-Bear Mailroom – August 12, 2011

Friday has arrived and that means around General Sarge HQ we’re tidying up some loose ends before the start of another weekend. (This will be a busy weekend too, but more on that tomorrow). Today is a day for cleaning the desk and making sure mail is ready to go out on Monday. Getting those things done today, means we can enjoy the weekend.

Day 165 - Gift-A-Bear Mailroom
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

This is an exciting day for General Sarge as he’s over-seeing the packaging of our first bear getting ready for deployment through the Gift-A-Bear Campaign. Yes, we have deployed a couple other bears, but this is big as it’s the first one deployed directly from General Sarge HQ. I know you’re wondering where this furry friend will be deployed. But you’ll have to wait on that information as General Sarge is still working on all the official paperwork. But, be watching for the announcement soon as to were this bear is being deployed.

Don’t forget you too can help with the Gift-A-Bear Campaign and make a donation. Your donation will help us deploy more bears to military children and families to encourage them. Everyone loves a teddy bear and they always bring comfort.

More Information About Gift-A-Bear Campaign – Click Here!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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