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Day 169: Happy Birthday PV2 Ben

Happy Birthday PV2 Ben – August 16, 2011

It’s an interesting day at General Sarge HQ today. It’s Ben’s birthday and it’s very odd because we can’t even call him to wish him a Happy Birthday. We are used to having kids away from home on their birthdays, but at least we’ve been able to call them.

Day 169 - Happy Birthday PV2 Ben
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today we can’t call Ben because he’s in the desert doing training exercise. He left on Friday and will be pretty much out of communication touch for three weeks. But that didn’t stop General Sarge from wanting to wish his human-owner a special birthday.

On the grocery list for today – Cupcakes with candles!

There’s one for General Sarge, one for me and one for Ben’s Mom too! General Sarge really wanted to send a cupcake to PV2 Ben. We had to explain to him that no matter what his rank, some things just don’t travel well in the mail. I did however promise General Sarge that I’d post this up to PV2 Ben’s Facebook wall first thing in the morning. That way if he does happen to get Internet access he might see his special birthday wishes for today.

Special Days Make For Military Challenging Days

It’s on days like these that military families experience a little bit more of a challenge. It’s amazing how we take for granted things we’ve come to call simplicity – phone calls, social media, Facebook – We’ve become so connected that we can communicate with our loved ones almost immediately. But today as Ben celebrates his 19th birthday, he’s in the desert out of communication range meaning we can’t call him. Sure, we’ll post messages on his Facebook wall, but we also know it will be three weeks before he receives them. This just makes the phone calls we do receive from him even more special.

Originally we thought Ben was heading to the desert on Sunday. But that changed as his platoon was picked to set up tents and prepare for the rest of the soldiers arriving in the desert. A quick call Thursday night saying – “I’m leaving tomorrow morning” – meant we had to give Ben his birthday wishes earlier than planned. We did enjoy the phone call and now we wait for his next call, wondering when that will be.

In the meantime, General Sarge is encouraging us and making sure we celebrate his human-owners birthday. Turning 19 is a big thing! General Sarge has been PV2 Ben’s furry-friend since Ben was 10. They have a lot of memories together and we have a lot of memories of seeing the two together too.

Happy 19th birthday Ben! Stay safe and we’ll talk with you soon.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

10 thoughts on “Day 169: Happy Birthday PV2 Ben

    1. Hey Tracy;

      Yes, a day off from doing push ups. And if we can keep General Sarge out of the cupcakes there may even been a couple left for dinner when you’re with us on Saturday!

    1. Hey Mrs. Wildcat!

      Thanks for stopping by and I am sure Ben will check out this post when he gets back to base and can get back online again.

      Dr. Rus

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to PV2 Ben, we are thinking of you as you do your desert training. Of course General Sarge is doing his own training but his has an extra s from the looks of it: dessert..

    1. Hi Janet;

      LOL! Nice connect there between the letter “s” in those two words. I did get a brief phone call from Ben the day after his birthday. He got the birthday greeting I left on his phone mail. He said he did not have cake on his birthday because he was in the “desert” not the “dessert”. 😉

      Dr. Rus

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