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Day 173: Military Child of the Week

Military Child of the Week Salute – August 22, 2011

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for our Military Child of the Week Salute! Please let your military friends know about this salute and be sure to make nominations! The name of the child goes into a year end draw for an opportunity to win their very own General Sarge Military Build-A-Bear through the Gift-A-Bear Campaign.

Military Child of the Week Nominations – Click Here! 

Day 173 - Military Child of the Week
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today we salute Arianna Carles who’s mother writes;

“I would like to nominate my daughter Arianna Carles for Military Child of the Week. She turned two years old on August 9th and it was her first birthday away from Mommy and Daddy. She is only two years old but she is my stone, my inspiration and what keeps me going. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Her Daddy, CS3 Branigan Carles is getting ready for a deployment in a few months on the USS Makin Island stationed in San Diego, CA and I am HM2 Mayra Carles stationed in San Diego, but currently away in Fort Dix, NJ in preparation for my deployment to Afghanistan.

“Arianna is living with her grandmother, in a new place making new friends and adjusting very well to so many changes our family has recently gone through. I know she’s young, but I know she’s a strong little girl.

“I love you Ari, Mommy will be home soon.”

A Navy Gift-A-Bear Birthday Present

Arianna when General Sarge heard it was your second birthday and also heard you were not with your Mommy and Daddy for your birthday he made a quick call to his human-owner, PV2 Ben. You see PV2 Ben is in the desert right now on training maneuvers preparing for deployment in the New Year. He celebrated his birthday last week on August 16 and that meant we couldn’t call him on his birthday. So we know what it’s like to be separated on important days like this.

Day 173 - Military Child of the Week - Navy De...
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

After talking with PV2 Ben, both he and General Sarge agreed they want to send you a special birthday present. Be watching for your very own Navy General Sarge Build-A-Bear to arrive soon.

Here at General Sarge HQ we also say a great big “Two paws up” for our wonderful Gift-A-Bear Campaign supporters who make it possible for us to give military kids these wonderful bears.

Remember, it’s easy to nominate a military child for our weekly Military Child of the Week Salute.

Click Here And Fill Out The Contact Information!

Each child that’s nominated has an opportunity to win their very own Military Build-A-Bear at the end of the year. That means if a Military Child Salute nominee doesn’t get a bear the week they’re nominated, they could still receive a bear at the end of the year when we make our draw from the names of those we’ve saluted here. When filling out the Contact Form please be sure to check the box “Military Child of the Week Nomination”.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

6 thoughts on “Day 173: Military Child of the Week

  1. That must be so hard for both Mommy and Daddy to be away and for little Arianna to not see her parents on her birthday. I wish them both a speedy and safe return from their tours.

    Congratulations on being able to get in touch with PV2 Ben as well, that must have been extra special for you to talk with him after such a long wait.

    1. Hi Janet;

      It was great to talk with PV2 Ben. It was a short chat since he’s in the desert. But General Sarge has pull and I think he used it to get the phone call through as top priority. 😉

      Staying Army Strong!
      Dr. Rus

  2. This little girl looks like a sweetheart and hope that she has many birthdays in the future with her parents and that she likes the gift a bear when it arrives to her.

  3. What a great nomination! Special thanks to Arianna, her mom and dad for the sacrifices made for our country! What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations, Arianna!

    1. Yes indeed! I know her parents are in countdown mode now for when they return home from deployment. Praying safety for them both as they bravely and proudly serve our country.

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