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Day 181: Deploying Navy Gift-A-Bears

Deploying Navy Gift-A-Bears – September 2, 2011

While General Sarge is an Army bear, our mission here at General Sarge HQ is one of encouraging all branches of the military. That of course means our Gift-A-Bear Campaign reaches out to every branch of the service.

Day 181 - Market Alternatives LLC Bear Deployment
Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today we’re giving a big “Two paws up” to Larry DePauw and Market Alternatives LLC in Newark, New York. Larry’s daughter, ENS Alea DePauw, USN, works in a mother-infant unit at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. Of course that means she has lots of little Navy babies to care for. Not only does she meet Navy babies but Alea also said in an email to me she meets “a lot of military families from all branches that have a father deployed with infants and young children at home.”

Through the generosity of Larry and Market Alternatives, we are thrilled here at General Sarge HQ to be deploying three Navy Gift-A-Bears for service at the hospital. We’re sure they will go to wonderful families and we’re looking forward to getting pictures of who they go to as well.

Don’t forget you too can get involved in the Gift-A-Bear Campaign by donating bears!

Gift-A-Bear Campaign Information – Click Here!

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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