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Day 196: Jazzy Kind of Mood

Jazzy Kind of Mood – October 1, 2011

The other day on PV2 Ben’s Facebook page he wrote about going to a concert with one of his Unit buddies who plays in a band. While at the concert Ben got to take pictures. That’s something he has always loved doing and he said he really had a great time snapping pics again.

Day 196 - Jazzy Kind of Mood

Taking pictures is something we used to do together as well. When General Sarge heard that his human-owner was taking pictures again he was very happy too. So happy he reminded me that Ben and I used to enjoy taking pictures together.

So, General Sarge decided maybe we should do a self-portrait today. Usually I’m the person behind the camera. But today General Sarge wanted me in the picture too.

Here we are in the first self-portrait of General Sarge and myself. We call this one a Jazzy Kind of Mood. I do play the saxophone but as you can see, General Sarge is trying it out here.

Who knows, maybe in the days ahead we’ll do some more self-portraits of General Sarge and myself. That would be fun and it would also remind me of the great times PV2 Ben and I always had taking pics too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

3 thoughts on “Day 196: Jazzy Kind of Mood

  1. Hey there Rus, I think you and General Sarge should do a self-portraits calender for charity, nothing like the Calender Girls though 😆 😉

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