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Day 203: Teddy Bear Tuesday – Meet Jammer

Teddy Bear Tuesday – Meet Jammer – October 18, 2011

We’re calling this Teddy Bear Tuesday! It’s a fun day we hope will catch on! After all, here at General Sarge HQ we certainly do love our furry friends!

Today we’d like you to meet Jammer!  

Day 203 - Teddy Bear Tuesday - Jammer

Jammer’s human-owner is First Sergeant Rob Comer who’s stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. 1SG Comer is with the I Corps Band and Jammer was built and shipped to him halfway through his one year deployment in Iraq by his daughter Sayla.

Jammer was immediately  appointed as the mascot for their band Tuff Boxx & The Baghdad Horns.  Just like his human-owner 1SG Comer, Jammer plays the guitar and traveled with the band throughout Iraq as they played on bases encouraging the troops.

Playing For The Troops

Keeping morale up is a very important part of the military. Many people don’t realize there are a number of bands and musicians in the military. My nephew just returned from Afghanistan where he toured with a band entertaining and encouraging Canadian troops serving overseas. As already mentioned, Jammer is the mascot for the band Tuff Boxx & The Baghdad Horns. While they have since returned from Iraq, they do continue to play in and around Fort Lewis.

Thanks for sending us the picture of Jammer! We appreciate it 1SG Comer. Also, thanks to both you and Jammer for your service too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

3 thoughts on “Day 203: Teddy Bear Tuesday – Meet Jammer

    1. Hey there TG!

      You know that’s a good suggestion. I think my human-owners Dad is going to send an email to Jammer’s human-owner later today. Maybe he’ll ask for some music too!

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

      1. We think that is nice to make the contact like that and help support music bands. What would the world be without music? It is usually the first thing we hear when our ears are sewn on an become functional 😉

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