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101112: Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day!

101012 Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day
Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

Wow! What an exciting time I had yesterday as we celebrated Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day in a big way!

I went to work with my human-owners Dad. It’s always a fun time at the radio station and everyone is so nice there too! I would have loved to go to work with my human-owner SPC Benjamin Jeffrey, but of course since he’s in Afghanistan, I couldn’t make it there. I am glad he has “Stealth Sarge” with him though. I know Stealth is on the job and doing a great job of keeping Ben company while he’s deployed.

Even though I couldn’t go to work with my human-owner, I am happy to have pictures of him at his “work place”. I decided to honor my human-owner by posing with two of my favorite pictures of him.

Hanging With Dream Defender!

Dream Defender Bear

I was a little late arriving at the radio station as my human-owners Dad brought his Dream Defender bear with him for the early morning show. But my human-owners Mom brought me, along with her Colonel Sarge teddy bear with her when she arrived at the station around 8:30 am. I really didn’t mind waiting to arrive at the radio station until later. It meant I got to sleep in!

Isn’t Dream Defender a good looking bear? He has a really big smile on his face too.

Later in the day I decided to take Dream Defender for a tour of the radio station. After all I’ve been here many times before so I kind of know my way around.

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So tell me – Did you have a fun “Take your teddy bear to work day”? I’d love to hear about it!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

2 thoughts on “101112: Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

    1. Glad to hear it and I loved seeing all beary-fun pictures on your Facebook site of furry-friends who went to work with their human-owners! I’m sure we all got extra hugs and of course we love hugs!

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