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To Be Content

Well I’m back to reading Thomas Merton this morning and the passage today talked about being ‘content’ with what we have. He makes the statement – “When you accept what you have, you see all that you have received is more than enough and you are overwhelmed”.

Oh how true that is! We live in a world that tells us the more stuff we have the happier we will be. Reality is – much of the stuff we collect is just that – stuff that clutters and fills spaces but does little more than that. Nothing fills the void in life except God. But we keep thinking stuff we buy and stuff we stack in corners will fulfill. But such is simply not the case.

Dr. Don Demaray my advisor at Asbury Seminary did not like the word ‘stuff’. In writing class or in preaching class if someone said ‘stuff’ he would always say “define that. What is stuff? Define the stuff”. Of course back then many would quietly chuckle but now it seems to make sense. Stuff is simply fluff. It’s an undefined word used when attempting to describe what is in many cases nothing more than clutter.

Maybe this should be a week to eliminate some of the stuff in my life to make room for more of God in my life.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

2 thoughts on “To Be Content

  1. Rus, I continue to wish people would not use the undefined STUFF, even in everyday conversation. Love to your family and bring me up to date on my email. Shalom, D. Demaray

    1. Dr. Don!

      It’s wonderful hearing from you here on this post. I also promise I will keep the use of the word “stuff” in my writing to a minimum. Praying all is well with you and I will catch up with you soon.


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