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Living The Bible In Real Life

There is a depth in the simplicity of Thomas Merton that intrigues me and always stops me in my tracks as I ponder his writings. He also has an amazing knack of pulling out nuggets from other authors and turning them into a statement forcing one to examine not only his writings and the writings of others, while at the same time causing the reader to take a closer look at their own personal life.

This mornings prayer ponder moment – if I can call it that – says; “As St. Augustine says of the psalter – it goes for the whole Bible – you do not understand it unless you live out its meaning in your own life”.

Here we discover the tripping point for many today. While many say they believe the Bible and want to live a holy life, many do not reach the level of holiness available to the believer simply because they do not live out the meaning of the Bible in their own life. It’s easy to say with ones mouth “Yes I believe”, but it’s a totally different matter all together to say “I will live as the Bible calls me to live at all times no matter what the circumstances or the pain that might come my way”.

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