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Looking Out My Window – No Limits

What does it mean to live life with no limits? Looking out my window today I’m pondering the events of the summer. While it’s hard to believe summer is over and kids are back in school, I must admit it was a busy, but good summer. Events such as the Waterfront Festival, backyard barbecues, Walking A Mile in Her Shoes and more have faded into the distance. Memories now exist in picture form. When I was a kid I remember the first assignment in school was always one of “write a report on what you did during the summer”. Of course the assignment was always appropriately entitled “What I Did On My Summer Vacation”.

While it was a great summer, there is one event which stands out in my mind above all others – Kids Camp at Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp. The theme this year was “NASCAR – No Limits” encouraging the kids to live life to the fullest with God. I had the privilege of working with some of the kids at the camp and taking part in their final “peddle cart” race. The winner of the race won a number of prizes, including passes to the NASCAR Truck race weekend recently held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville. The nine year old boy who won the passes for the race was thrilled and his mother describes the whole experience as the high point of the summer for her son.

Jennifer Jo Cobb With No Limits WinnerSmiling from ear to ear and sharing his story with anyone who would listen, not only was this boy encouraged, but he encouraged others along the way as well. Jennifer Jo Cobb, the driver of the #10 truck in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was very encouraged. She was having a tough weekend, but she made time for Owen and his family not only taking him to the Sunday drivers meeting and chapel service, but she also invited his family to lunch with them at her trailer before the race!

What is it about this boys story that encourages others? After winning the race at camp his mother told me that two years ago she had to carry her son everywhere. He was unable to walk as he had rheumatoid arthritis. Now, not only is he walking and running, but since the No Limits camp he is telling people what happened. In his own words this 9 year old said, “One night I just asked God if I could have some of His power so I could walk”. Now he’s walking! That’s his story and it’s that very story that is now encouraging many people.

This boys story reminds me of another story about a group of men who had a friend who couldn’t walk. In the Gospel of Mark we’re told his friends were so sure Jesus could help him that one day they took him to a house where Jesus was teaching. A large crowd had gathered not only in the house, but also outside of the house. Even though they couldn’t press through the crowd, the men knew there was help for their friend just inside the house. Cutting a hole in the roof they lowered their friend to the floor right in front of Jesus. Looking at the man Jesus said, “Get up, take your mat and go home”. With those words, “the man took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God saying ‘We have never seen anything like this’” (Mark 2).

Just like the young boy at camp asked for some of “God’s power” the friends of this man knew Jesus had power which could in turn help their friend walk. How about you? Are you in need of some of God’s power today? Just ask, and He will give it.

Looking Out My Window is a regular column in the Northumberland Today newspaper located in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

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