2015 Prophetic Words

Prepare For His Dwelling In Our Midst

A Change of Leadership
We find ourselves in a different political climate in the nation of Canada today. For the first time in 10 years, the Conservative Party is not in power. Of course before now former Prime Minister Stephen Harper took office it had been a long time since the Conservatives had been in power as the Liberal Party held the office for a number of years before then.

In the days ahead we must remember we are believers in Christ, not believers in a particular political party. 

Heading up to the October 19th election there was much rhetoric as to which party we should vote for. As believers we need to pray for the righteous to rule. Again, God has not appointed a particular party. His plan is always greater than our plan and we need to remember we do not think like He does.

A few things were stirring in my spirit just ahead of the election. I jotted down what I sensed the Lord was saying, even though I knew it was not what many others were declaring. I shared these words with just a few people asking for prayer as we must always remember we see through a glass dimly. Paul reminds us that we “prophesy in part”. I believe it’s time to release what I jotted down now as the words will also remind us of what we need to do as a body of believers.

Election Word – Tuesday, October 13, 2015
This word came after hearing much talk about the Blue Jays baseball win and what God was saying to the nation through the win. I also want to point out I do not follow baseball. I do know the Blue Jays are in the playoffs, but that’s about all I know. It’s also worth noting this word stirred and was written down before the game last week that created so much excitement for baseball fans.

“Sometimes a ball game is just a ball game. Beware of those who will unwittingly release a party spirit. In the midst of the celebration a party spirit is stirring in My people. But I am no respecter of parties. I have a plan and know it is a plan to shift and turn a nation to Me. Take heed and learn from your neighbors to the south. It’s not about party as they thought during the ‘Hanging Chad’ election. It is about My call to pray for those in leadership no matter who they are”.

These next two words came Sunday morning.

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Pre-Service Prayer – For Nation – Ezekiel 43:3-9

The Spirit of the Lord would say “I am preparing to make My Spirit known in this place and in this nation. I am preparing to dwell among you like never before. Keep your eyes open” says the Lord “as I am about to move on My people as they truly listen to My voice. Put off your funeral clothes and prepare for Me to make My dwelling in your midst”.

Sunday, October 18, 2015 – During Worship
“For I am about to make a sweeping change in your midst. What you awake to on Tuesday will be totally different than what you have known and become comfortable with in the past. For I am making a new way” says the Lord “a way that will cause My body of believers to wake up and take notice of the truth that your thoughts are not My thoughts”.

“Watch, wait and see that a change is coming to My people and to this nation that will cause the nations around the world to sit up and take notice of My plan and My purpose. Do not think you know the way for I say this day the way you are going you have not gone before. Now more than ever I will be looking for those who will stand in the gap and truly pray that ‘My will be done on earth’. For I am raising up a people who will look to Me and only to Me for protection. Do not depend on the things and the ways of the past anymore as a change is coming that will catch the attention of all who believe and even those who do not believe”.

So the Lord says “do not get caught up in the hype of the past for what I am doing is truly new in this day”.

Though some may feel like we’ve been overrun by the Babylonians, now more than ever we must pray for the prosperity of our nation and for those in leadership so that it might go well for us.

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